Why can we run reports when we do not have a birth time?

The fastest point in the creation of a birth chart moves 1 degree every 4 minutes. This point is known as the Rising Sign or Ascendant. It is located at the begining of the first house in the horoscope. As the point of the Rising Sign changes the other 11 house "cusp" lines also continue to change.

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Rising Sign


The Moon and Mercury move quickly in relationship to the planets farther away from the Sun.

Each house represents an area of life. When we do not know the birth time of someone and just know the birthday, an accurate chart representing the planets in their proper houses cannot be established. However, this inaccuracy will not be so far off that a large part of your astrological story will not be able to be explored. Patterns and aspects within your natal chart (birth chart), present day transiting planets, and those charts of other people you meet when comparing them to your birth DAY chart can still be viewed and reveal much information.

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