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New Io Child report!

Astrological and Metaphysical Software

Distributed by: Awakenings, Inc.

Quality software at the best prices!



International Orders

General Software Information

What computer system do you need?

Soft Windows and  Virtual PC 




Astrology: Cosmic Patterns    Matrix   Astrolabe   

Halloran   Heron & Hawk Career

 Astro*Graph   M. Pottenger's Asteroids   Zodiac Graphics

Jyotish:   Parashara's Light     Goravani Jyotish   

    Numerology: Hans Decoz (R)   

  Science of the Cards:  Seven Thunders


Astrology: Time Cycles Research    Astro*Graph

 Joytish:  Parashara's Light   Goravani  Jyotish



There are so many astrological and metaphysical programs out there it can really get confusing if you are new at finding out what is available to you and matching with what you want. Then you have to match up what programs work with your operating sytem (Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1, DOS, OS 8+).

There are essentially 2 types of programs. The first is to calculate (non-interpretive). The second is to produce interpretation reports.

The ideal concept for an astrological system of software is that one company can provide a one-menu and one-database system for all the reports and charts you would ever want to work with. All you would have to do is go into one program and print out whatever chart or interpretive report you 'd like. This however is not the standard. Some companies do provide a system closer to this ideal than others.

Below you will find information on the BEST calculation and report interpretation programs that are on the market today.  Demos are available for downloading from MOST of the companies shown on this web page.  Samples of charts and reports are always just a click away using your mouse. The screen views are actual snapshots from different windows in each program. By using the screen views you can get a sense of the environment from the different programs without downloading a demo.

Some screen views and chart samples involve graphic files that take a little longer than usual to view through your internet browser.






COSMIC PATTERNS today offers a Windows (32 bit) based system with over 45 report writers! All reports writers are add-on optional programs to the main calculation program  Kepler.  This is a complete one-menu and one database system!

Kepler for Windows 5.0 is available on CD ROM.

The following are some of the features in Kepler 5.0:

The Windows 95/ 98/ME/XP/2000 version has an atlas of approximately 250, 000 locations, complete with timezones, latitudes, and longitudes. More locations can also be added to this atlas. The calculation modules in Kepler 5.0 provide different charts, astrological techniques, and research modules.

Kepler 5.0 also includes 3 free mini-reports,  live natal readings, an enhanced Help section, an Astro Encyclopedia, Data collection of 17, 000 famous people and events, planetary and asteroid return charts, conjunctions to fixed star point, harmonic triangle with midpoint printouts, astro clock, rectification module for adjusting planetary movement minute to minute, expanded search module, resizing of chart wheels, and 1,000 asteroid list.  Kepler 5.0 will use 200 meg and 32 meg ram.

Cosmo Natal:  Sample
Cosmo Forecast:  Sample
Cosmo Compatibility:  Sample

HI RESOLUTION ASTRO MAP PRINTOUTS ARE IN KEPLER 5.0!   Kepler astro maps can include asteroid lines and a varierty of maps ranging from the U.S. and countries from all over the world, plus a worldwide map. Treasure Maps focus on specialized astrolocality maps, focusing on love and romance, vocation, friends and family and spirituality.



Pegasus is also now available on CD Rom. 

Pegasus is a great beginner's calculation astrology program that provides all the basics Kepler 5.0 provides for 1/3 the cost. It comes with the Cosmo series of introductory report writers; Cosmo Natal, Compatability and Forecast. It produces dozens of chart wheel styles, 11 house systems, two zodiacs,   tropical and sidereal, produces natal, progressed and solar return charts, and contains a mini atlas for the major cities of the U.S. and world. Planets can be calculated from 999 BC to 2300 AD. It also calculates the 4 major asteroids and Chiron. Pegasus will run all optional report interpretive programs in the Kepler system. You can also upgrade to the full version of  Kepler 5.0 at an upgrade price.

Cosmo Natal:  Sample
Cosmo Forecast:  Sample
Cosmo Compatibility:  Sample



Pegasus    $100
Kepler 5.0 (Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000 requires CD)    $300


Upgrade from Windows version 4.5 to 4.6      $75

Upgrade from Windows version 4.3     $100

Upgrade from Windows version 3.0, 4.0, or 4.2     $125

Upgrade from DOS version to Windows 95/98 version:
             If your registration number is
#1 - 3706     $175
             If your registration number is
#3707 or higher     $225

Upgrade from Pegasus to Kepler 5.0    $225

As with all software development there is direction. Kepler is renown for its excellent report writer system with an average of a couple or more optional report programs added to the system yearly. With the conversion to the Windows platform the actual calculation core program is also expanding and evolving..

Cosmic Patterns makes it easy to keep up with the changes and growth in the Kepler system. For a nominal fee you can purchase Kepler upgrades annually. If you own 1 or 20 report writers from the Kepler system and  important upgrade changes have been made to any of them when you upgrade your version of Kepler your report writers will also be upgraded for free. 



Screen Views from Kepler 5.0 Part 1

Screen Views from Kepler 5.0 Part 2

Kepler 5.0 Treasure Map Screen Views

Kepler 5.0 printouts of Chartwheels, Basic Astro Map and Timeline Graph

Screen Views and Chartwheels from Pegasus

Below is a list and samples of report writers form Cosmic Patterns and the Kepler system : YOU MUST HAVE KEPLER OR PEGASUS TO RUN ANY OF THE REPORT PROGRAMS BELOW.

Merlin $150 Sample
Merlin in each additional language:  English, Spanish, French, Portuguese,
                    Russian, Hebrew
$100 Sample inSpanish
(English or German) $300 Sample
                AstroInsight $150
Alpha Imprints $150 Sample
              Life Path Report $75  Sample  

Specialized Natal Reports:
Child Report $150 Sample
$150 Sample
Child Report in each additional language:  English, Spanish $100 Sample in Spanish
           Flower, Essence, and Gem $150 Sample
Flower, Essence, and Gem in each additional language:  English, French, Portuguese $100
              Karmic Insight $125
Astro Analysis - learn astrology via your birth chart $75 Sample
     Hidden Messages $75 Sample
Naughty Natal $50  Sample
  Adult Report in each additional language: English, Spanish $100
                Vocational Guidance $100 Sample
       Vocational Guidance in each additional language:  English, Spanish $75 Sample in Spanish
                Karmic Past Life $75 Sample
       Karmic Past Life  in each additional language: English, French, Portuguese $75
Cayce Past Life
(English, German, French, or Portuguese) (English, German, French, or Portuguese)
$300  Sample
                Safety Promotion Report $150
         Adult Report - different versions for man, woman, gay, lesbian
(English, Spanish) $200
                Relating Potential -how you are in a relationship Sample   $200
(contained within Psyche & Eros Sample)
     Senior Report  Sample   $125
     Centaur Report  Sample   $100
   Nature Appreciation Report  Sample   $125
               Medicine Wheel Sample   $100
          Fixed Star Report Sample  $50   
10, 000 Asteroid List  Sample  (In this sample there are 6500 named asteroids. It is possible to include
                      3,500 unamed asteroids also)
$75  This is a very large file to download and will take a few minutes  
                                                                                    to view.        

Compatibility Reports:

                Compatiblity Report $200 Sample
Compatibility Report  in each additional language: English, Spanish,  French, German, Russian
                  $100 Sample in Spanish
Love, Honor, & Cherish $150 Sample
Heaven Sent $75 Sample
  The Composite Report   $150  Sample
                Psyche and Eros  $200   Sample    
                        (also contains the Report Relating Potential
               Compatibility and Conflict  $150  Sample

Forecast Reports:

                Basic Forecast Report $200 Sample
                     (same as Advanced Forecast without the asteroid or midpoint interpretations)
        Basic Forecast Report  in each additional language: English Spanish, French, Russian,
                     Portuguese, Norwegian
  $100  Sample in Spanish
Advanced Forecast Report
(only in English, includes midpoints, asteroids and Chiron) $250
                                Sample with midpoint printout                        Sample  with asteroid and Chiron printout
You can upgrade from the English version of the Basic Forecast Report
       Reduced price if you already own the Basic Forecast Report in a Spanish, French, or Russian $150
              Destiny & Decisions Transit Report  $150   Sample
AstroJourney (for teenagers and young adults) $200 Sample
Future Trends Forecast Report $150 Sample
  Love & Romance Forecast
(English, Spanish, or Portuguese) $75  Sample
   Business Forecast (
English, Spanish, or Portuguese) $75 Sample
  Solar Return $150
Solar Return in each additional language: English, Spanish,  French, German  $100 Sample in  
             Many Happy Returns Solar Return  $150  Sample
               Planets In Solar Return  $150  Sample

   Secondary Progressed $200 Sample
          Lunar Return $100  Sample
                     Lunar Return in each additional language: English, Spanish  $75
          13 Moons Lunar Return $100 Sample
    Astroquest Horary Program $150 Sample
                Mini-Minder Forecast Report - quick short daily interpretations  $75 Sample

Relocation Reports:

                Relocation Information $150 Sample
   Cities & Towns $100 Sample
  Cities & Towns in each additional language: English, Spanish, French, German $75 Sample in 

Health Reports (Signed disclaimer required): - contact [email protected] for faxing or mailing of disclaimer to be signed)

                 Cosmo Biology Health Report  $50  Sample
Medscan - homeopathic
(English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian) $200  Sample
Medical Forecast - homeopathic  $200  Sample
Astro Med - herbs $200  Sample




MATRIX SOFTWARE is a complete astrological system for Windows that includes calculation  and report writer programs. MATRIX is  well know for their excellent chart wheel styles and powerful "do everything" calculation modules working with anything from time scans, return and progressed charts to Astrolocality maps.  MATRIX provides a series of professional and hobbyist programs.

Win*Star is the professional calculation and research program.  Win*Star  (
$199) comes with a mini-atlas for 9,000 locations. Win*Star Plus ($295) adds a 200,000 locational atlas of the U.S.and world. Win*Star Plus  includes other added mini-programs such as Win*Search (search module), Kaleidoscope (visual chart calculator), Time Tables Ephemeris, Graphic Ephemeris, and Publisher's Assistant. 
Screen Views from Win*Star

Chart wheel styles from Win*Star

Win*Writer provides the menu system for the series of professional report writers.
Screen view of Win*Writer
Sample Reports

Win*Star Express is the hobbyist calculation and research program.  Win*Star Express makes for a great beginner's program . For the more advanced astrologer Win*Star Express provides a quick and easy way to work with charts.  You can create with a variety of chart wheel styles, click on a glyph and read on-screen interpretations. Time scans up are to 21 years. You have a choice of all the major house systems. You have an astro clock with settings 1 second to 15 minutes. It comes complete with an encyclopedia of astrology. 
$99    Screen View of Win*Star Express

Win*Writer Express  provides the menu system for the series of hobbyist report writers.  The hobbyist versions are almost identical to to professional versions. They differ in personalization and editing features. These reports are not licensed for selling of reports. They are for personal use only.  $99.95  each and every 4th one per order is free!
Screen View of Win*Writer Express
Sample Reports


EVERY 4th report per order is free!



             Astro*Talk (English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish) $300  

The SkyWithin (English, French, Dutch, Spanish) $300  Sample
Child *Star  $300   Sample
Relating Potential  $199 
Heaven Knows What  $300   Sample
Asteroid Report  $
199 Sample


Relationship Reports:

             Friends & Lovers (English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Norwegian, Swedish)
  $300   Sample 
Simpaticos  $300   Sample 


Forecast Report:

             TimeLine (in German, French, Dutch, spanish, Norwegian, Swedish)  $300    Sample
             Life Progression  $199    Sample
   SkyLog  $300  
             Solar Return Predictions   $300  
Solar Arc Predictions  $79  
           Lunar Return  $300   Sample


         Astro*Carto*Graphy   $300   Sample


Opportunities  $300    Sample



            BioWriter   $80  professional version    Sample

            Tarot  $200  professional version    Sample




Specialized Research:

TIBETAN ASTROLOGY   $49    All major elements of the ancient Tibetan astrological tradition are in this single easy to use program. It includes:
                                    *Parkhas (I ching)
                                    *Nine Mewas
                                    *Critical Years
                                    *Elements:   Sign, power, Life force, body, luck and soul for Year, Month, Dya and Hour
                                    *Planets, Asterisms, and Vital Forces
                                    *Special lunar days
                                    *Keg-Tsi (yearly totals)
Sample of screen shots from Tibetan Astrology


PROJECT HINDSIGHT (Medieval astrology)    $100 as add on module to Win*Star   
Sample of screen shots from Project Hindsight


Do to the variations of Blue*Star professional and non -professional versions combined with upgrading to a Win*Star Standard or Plus please call first for upgrade pricing. 






ASTROLABE has many astrological programs for calculations and research, as well as report writers.  Solar Fire is is their main top notch Windows based professional calculation program. Other Windows based program are Solar Maps , JigSaw, and Solar Spark.  JigSaw is a research program that can help rectify birth charts when birth times are unknown. Another module works to sift out particular configurations of charts from a chart file of hundreds of names. Solar Spark is an astro clock.

SOLAR FIRE 5.0        $295 with ACS Atlas on CD

From 4 to 5      $99 with manual on CD, no ACS Atlas
From 4 to 5      $109 with printed manual, no ACS Atlas
From 4 to 5      $125 with printed manual and ACS Atlas on CD

From 3 to 5      $125 with manual on CD, no ACS Atlas
From 3 to 5      $135 with printed manual, no ACS Atlas
From 3 to 5      $150 with printed manual and ACS Atlas on CD

From 2 to 5      $150 with manual on CD, no ACS Atlas
From 2 to 5      $160 with printed manual, no ACS Atlas
From 2 to 5      $175 with printed manual and ACS Atlas on CD

What is added in Solar Fire 5.0:


The  ACS  Atlas is  included with the purchase of any of the following programs:  Solar Fire 5, Solar Maps, JigSaw 2, Solar Writer, or any of the Astrolabe Report System programs (excluding Personal Numerology). Each customer is only entitled to one copy of the atlas and customers that already own v. 2 of the atlas are excluded from this as well. HOWEVER, this does not mean that there will be any price reduction on these programs for persons already owning the atlas nor will we be
offering any other kinds of premiums. NO EXCEPTIONS.


SOLAR MAPS is a professional and masterful Astro*Carto* Graphy (by Jim Lewis) and Local Space program providing high resolution maps of the world, U.S., and different sectors of the globe. Interpretations are included. List price is $195.                       

JIGSAW 2 is a suite of three modules, providing powerful tools for astrological research and experimentation.

1) RECTIFICATION: JigSaw makes rectification easy. How many times do you meet people who want their birth chart done but do not have accurate birth time? The rectification provides the steps to fill in the person's event data to produce the most likely time a person was born.

2) FAMILY PATTERNS: This is a pattern-finding module that can actually be used for various subject matter such family patterns, stock market pricing, and generally any group of charts to find common astrological links.

3) RESEARCH: This module can be used researching large birth data files sorting and filing criteria. With this module you can work with Arabic Parts, Almutens, or even Gauquelin Sectors.

List price is $295. Upgrading from version 1 is $99. Samples from JigSaw 2




Professional Natal Report for Windows - This is a thorough natal report. It even interprets Chiron and stelliums! $325 Upgrading from the DOS version is $150. Upgrading from the older version when it was called Advanced Natal Report is $200 or from AstroScope is $200.  (English, German - sample same as above)    Sample    

Solar Writer Modern - This report is divided into a variety of sections: life goals, relationships, purpose, creativity, career and  ambitions. Prints 25-30 pages. $295 Sample     

 areader.JPG (9454 bytes)  Download Acrobat Reader if necessay to read Solar Writer Modern.



Solar Writer Synastry - Delineates a natal chart utilizing techniques from Renaissance astrology to create a totally unique 60 page report. Interpretations include humors, pergrine planets and essential dignities. It has a glossary and explanatory (academic) material. $295 Sample


Specialized Natal:

Solar Writer Classical - Delineates a natal chart utilizing techniques from Renaissance astrology to create a totally unique 60 page report. Interpretations include humors, pergrine planets and essential dignities. It has a glossary and explanatory (academic) material. $295 Sample

Asteroid Goddesses - Delineates the entire natal chart including the 4 major asteroids Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas. $295   Sample   


Medical Electional:

Solar Writer Medicus - Prints an interpretive report from an event chart for the onset of an illness or a s medical horary chart. Provides teachings of medical astrology to reveal the the reasons for the illness, the outcome and ways to deal with a medical condition. $295 (1/2 price if own Solar Writer Classical) Sample

areader.JPG (9454 bytes)  Download Acrobat Reader if necessay to read Solar Writer  Medicus.  


             Asteroid Goddesses $295   Sample                

Numerology:  Personal Numerologist Report - Windows  $225       
           Upgrade from DOS version
$99   Sample 



Screen Views from Solar Fire PART 1

Screen Views from Solar Fire and Solar Maps PART 2

Chartwheel styles and printouts from Astrolabe's Solar Fire and Solar Maps






HALLORAN  SOFTWARE 's Astrology for Windows is a calculation program that comes in different versions so the novice can purchase a beginner's version ($29.50) and work his or her way up to the more advanced versions providing upgrade pricing along the way. Astrol Deluxe Report Writer version 4.0 is the professional level program ($149) for those interested in developing a system for report interpretation programs, besides the regular chart calculation capabilities.

Astrol Deluxe Report Writer also has a module specifically for running a series of report programs and a match-making service. There is a module setup to match special compatiblities between 2 people while searching through hundreds and thousands of charts.

For those wanting to explore Astrodynes (powers of the planets, signs and houses in a birthchart), Astrodynes for Windows ($39) works through any version of Astrology for Windows. Halloran software is a one menu-database system.

Here's Halloran's report writers:

Natal: Personal Path ($100) - sample
Spirit Success Report ($49) - sample

Relationship: StarMatch ($100) - Compatibility analysis. Adjusts aspects between two people into an interesting number system to help equate relationship initerpretations and numerical factors. - sample

Transits: Life Trends ($100) - sample

Progressions: Journey Progressions ($100) - sample

Career: Journey Career ($100) - sample

Screen Views from AstrolDeluxe for Windows (all versions)

Chartwheel printouts from Halloran's AstrolDeluxe for Window and Astrodynes






ASTRO*GRAPH (list price $230) - Main features:

T    TimePassages is an extremely user friendly program. It is a great tool for working with a long list of calculation techniques and chart patterns. Three interpretation programs are included in the program, including a  20 page natal report, transit report and secondary progressions. The length of both forecast reports is based on the length of time the reports are set for. A three month transit report prints 16 pages. You can also click the mouse on an aspect line or planet in the chart and a dialog box will open with interpretations. Below you will find a list of TimePassages capabilities.

       The synastry module which prints a 25 page relationship report is not included with TimePassages. It is an add-on program that integrates seemlessly from within the TimePassages menu system.

       TimePassages comes with a small atlas providing latitude,longitude information for a few thousand locations. Howerver, for a nominal cost the full ACS Atlas with 250,000 locations can be added. This atlas needs to be purchased even if you have it with another software program because of the nature of it's integration from within TimePassages.



Natal   sample
Secondary Progressions  

 TimePassages for Windows 95 or 98    (list price $149)
TimePassages for the Mac OS     (list price $179)
Synastry Module    (list price $119)
ACS Atlas     (list price $59)
Commercial License (for customizable commercial distribution and profit)  (list price $300)


FEATURES OF TimePassages

Natal, transit, or progressed charts
Comparison and Composite techniques
Solar and Lunar Return Charts
Chart Relocation
Report generator
Date range for transits
Secondary or Solar Arc Progressions
Chart rectification module
Animate transits or progressions through time
Close aspects stand out
Adjustable aspect orbs
Save report printouts to a file in Mac version (non-commercial and commercial)
Save report printouts to a file in commercial PC version





HERON & HAWK CAREERS for Windows is now released. The Career Report. The report prints over 30 pages which covers over 250 occupations and sees which vocations may be right for you based on your birth chart. Many graphs and interpretations reveal the different aspects to one's personality in regard to leadership and managerial traits, level of public profile you are comfortable with, level of independence and entrepreneurship, conventionality, and whether you are a team player. The last portion of the report is a workbook to help assimilate and consolidate the information.

The Career Report lists at $300 - Sample Report

Screen Views from the Career Report




ZODIAC GRAPHICS:  For those who love to work with asteroids a dream has come in the world of astrology software. You can now place up to 70 asteroids WITH GLYPHS in a chartwheel, via single wheels and dials and bi-wheels and bi-wheel dials with Martha Wescott's AsterMLW.ttf and Celtic.ttf fonts and wheels ($75). These fonts can also be  used through your word processor. 

List of fonts and character map for AsterMLW.ttf: Sample
List of fonts and character map for Celtic.ttf: Sample
Wheels with AsterMLW.ttf: Samples
Dials with AsterMLW.ttf: Samples

Samples of Celtic font in chart wheels forthcoming

In order to utilize these asteroid glyphs and wheels you must run them through Solar Fire version 5.0.18.


Also added to the list of products by Zodiac Graphics is an enormous amount of astrological clipart. For those creating professional astrological media the need for astrological clipart has been generally difficult to find. Now you available a great source to fulfill such needs. 



MARK POTTENGER'S ASTEROID EPHEMERIDES : As of Oct. 2001 8,914 named asteroids are available. Tabular printouts in regard to longitudinal postions in one's birth chart can be printed out using this DOS base program.

One can now run any of the 8,914 asteroids and view or print the longitudinal listings in the Windows based program Solar Fire 5.0. Personal aspects made with these asteroids in the natal chart can also be viewed or printed through Solar Fire 5.0.

This complete set of ephemerides takes about 400 megabytes of disk storage for two centuries. The set comes on CD.

The price for the complete set of 8,914 ephemerides for the years 1900-2099 is $200, including handling (overseas air mail add $15).

For those owning the original STANDARD SET of 453 can upgrade to the COMPLETE SET for $100 .

Recommended reading:

Asteroid Name Encyclopedia - by Jacob Schwartz, Ph.D. ($19.95, Llewellyn Publications)

Dictionary of Minor Planets - by Lutz D. Schmadel (about $77 direct from Springer-Verlag). The first edition of Scmadel went out of print very quickly. The second edition covers all asteroids numbered by Sept. 1993. This book gives the astronomers' write-ups of the source of each asteroid name.




Version 2.26 GORAVANI JYOTISH is exquisite! The printouts are totally professional. The capabilities of this program is tremendous.It produces a natal reading with the average reading being approximately 20 pages in length. High resolution graphs and charts also cover the different aspects of Vedic astrology. Marriage compatibility and transits are interpreted. Personal Dashas (4 levels) are interpreted. The ACS Atlases with latitudes and longitudes and time zones for the U.S. and the entire world come with Goravani Jyotish in the PC and Mac versions.

Vimshottari Dashas (3 levels) Karakas Transit finder, transit readings, transit jumping, reserach feature (find shared attributes in a group of charts), Ashtaka Varga, Shad Bala, Bhava Bala, Vimshopak, Northern Souothern Yantra style charts, Lahiri, Krishnamurti, Raman, Yukteswar, and tropical systems, Varshaphala, Yogini and chara Dashas, Robin Murphy's Lotus Medicine Window, Planetary relationships (friends-enemies),Ephemeris window, Visvadarshan feature, Nakshatras and interpretations, large variety of chart sytles for producing Rasi, Bhava, Navamsa, and Varga charts, Sudarshan Chakra, famous people charts, outer planet options, western charts in Placidus, Koch, Porphry, Sripati houses.

Screen Views from Goravani Jyotish

Samples of Charts and Lists from Goravani Jyotish


The list price is $299, which includes the full ACS atlas. 







PARASHARA'S LIGHT 2000 (list price is $299) is easy to use with a very flexible screen layout. It is designed to do all your work on screen with a fast intuitive interface.  Parashara's Light produces high resolution charts, graphs and interpretations. Personalized yogas can be sorted and interpreted from original scriptures such as the Brihat Parasa Hora Sastra, Saravali, Garga Hora, Horas Sastra, and Raman's 300 Combinations! Personal Nakshatras and Dashas (with sub-levels Bhuktis, Antara Dashas, and Sooksmas) are interpreted.

Other features are as listed below:

Rasi, Bhava, Navamsa, and Varga charts, Tajika vargas also, 13 different Dasha systems, Northern and Southern style charts, change birth time tool, research tools, Chart Tutor (for learning academics), Ashtaga Varga (highs and lows interpreted), Sudarshan, Padas, Gulika, Dagdha, rashis, Yogi, Avayogi, Neecha banga yogas, Shad Bala, Planetary relatonships (friends, enemies), health related effects. printable ephemeris and personlized gemstones.

PL2000 adds a full American and  international atlas, a Kaksha report, which shows overviews of your best and worst days according Ashtakavarga, On-Line Help, 1000 Yogas, Calendar Printout of Transit/Dasha Report, attractive new graphics, features for wirters, and more.

Versions are available for the IBM and the Mac. Samples of printouts

Screen views from Parashara's Light

Upgrades from previous version are $90.


THE VEDIC ASTROLOGY BOOKSHELF (List price is $285) is the complete text of 16 classical Vedic Astrology texts. This program can calculate a chart and search all the Yogas (planetary combinations) that apply to one's Vedic natal chart. It produces on the average 600 to 800 text references from the classics. This is equivalent to a 40 to 50 page printout of material uniquely pertaining to you chart!

With this program you can simply type a desired word and the program will instantly display all the 16 texts where this word occurs. The same can be done with a combination of words. It is easy to picture how effortlessly you will be able to accumulate information about any aspect of Vedic Astrology through the use of The Vedic Astrology Bookshelf.

The follow are the complete texts that are in The Vedic Astrology Bookshelf: Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Jataka Parijata, Saravali, Sarvartha Chintamani, Phala Deepika, Hora Sara, Brihat Jatakam, Satya Jatakam, Sanketa Nidhi, Jaimini Sutram, Brighu Sutram, Jataka Alankara, Sri Pati Paddhati, Madhya Parashari, and Laghu Parashari. 

Screen views from Astrology Bookshelf


SHRI MUHURTA (List price is $250) finds auspicious dates and times for selected events. You do not have to be an expert at Jyotish to discover  the best dates and times for weddings, vacations, to start a business, to move etc. There are over 175  types of planned events to choose from, each  with their individual proper techniques set to establish the best combinations of date and times for such planned events.

Screen views from Shri Muhurta






DecozPro Plus-web ready (list $259) for professional use and ForecasterPlus  (list $69 - hobbyist version) for personal use are essentially the same program. The professional version permits the resale of personalized reports to customers and the ability to email reports. The hobbyist version is not licensed to produce reports for profit, nor can you email reports.  Both programs have 2000 text files -over 300,000 words. Hans Decoz devoted more than 6 years to the development of this program.

Chapters included in the report are: Intoduction, Life Path, Birthday, Expression, Mino Expression, Heart's Desire, Personality, Maturity, L/E Bridge, H/P Bridge. Karmic Lessons, Hidden Passion, Planes of Expression, Plane of Expression Mental, Plane of Expression Physical, Plane of Expression Emotional, Plane of Expression Intuitive, Balance, Rational Thought, Cornerstone, Subconscious Self, challenges, Pinnacles, Cycles, Transits, The Physical Transit, The Mental Transit, Essence, Personal Years, Personal Months, and Daily Numbers.

Sample printout of entire DecozPro Plus printout

Screen Views from Hans Decoz(R)Software 

DecozCompPro (list $169 - professional version also available for emailing reports) and DecozComp (list $69 - hobbyist version) This relationship compatibility program focuses on the core numbers as well as the Personal Year and Personal Month cycles. The average report with 2 years forecast and 10 months in detail with the application of the compatiblity analysis to the cycles as well as the core numbers prints 35 to 40 pages.

 Sample printout of entire DecozCompPro

Screen Views from Hans DecozCompPro 

Lucky Numbers:  The age-old science of numerology uses certain algorithms to calculate numbers that are favorable to the individual. These numbers are called "Lucky Numbers." They are derived from your date of birth, and the letters in your name. ( list $39 - for personal use and  list $89 - for professional version- web ready)  Sample

The Name Advisor: The Name Advisor analyzes the kind of influence a name or a number, or a combination of both, has on the human psyche. By doing so, it will help you chose the right name for a child, an adult (name change), a product, a pet, a street address, a business name, a telephone number, a car license plate, and so forth.  e(list $69 - professional version- web ready)  Sample


ChartMaker Pro: ( list $49 ) The first part of the chart looks at your full name. Then it deals with the current name. Other subject matter in the chart includes the Planes of Expression, the Subconscious, the Key, the Cornerstone and the Capstone. A Personal Month and Essence cycle chart are shown in the wheel section.  The Diamond in the chart looks at periods in life that lead to how you are today and where are you headed. The wave looks at Transits, Essence, and Period cycles.   Chart sample 










SEVEN THUNDERS produces software to work with the Ancient Science of the Cards. This system works with our regular 52 playing deck of cards. Originally this card system was used pre-Egyptian days. It is expected the system was handed down from the days of Atlantis. During the Medieval days the true nature of the system had to be hidden from political factions and was watered down to survive in the form of various card games we are now familiar with today.

In the Book of Destiny Professional for Windows Software Package (list price is $299)your Birthcard, your Yearly Long Range Card, Personality Cards, and Karma Cards are produced. The program has beautiful graphics. Now available is also The Lovers Card Reporter (list price is $299). Both programs run through one menu and data based system.

Buy both for $549 (list price).

Samples From Reports

Screen Views from Seven Thunders Software






TIME CYCLES RESEARCH has a full line of astrological software for the Mac called the Io Series.  They are sold individually and in specially priced packages (packages listed below).

Io Edition: Professional chart calculation program. Does all the basics and more.    $195  Sample printouts

Star*Sprite (research program): Enables total flexibility in chart calculation work. You can move the chart wheel forward and backwards in any time sequence from a second to days. This is great when working with birth rectification, electional and mundane astrology.  $195

Io Detective (research program): Enables the sorting of planetary criteria admidst charts saved in your chart files. It can filter out every chart in a database to see who has Mercury retrograde in the 4th house, or who has Venus in Aquarius, etc. The famous charts collection of 3,000 famous people are included.   $195   Screen Views of Io Detective

Io Horoscope: Produces a natal chart and includes a thorough interpretation of the planets in signs, houses and aspects.  $195 Sample

Io Forecast: Produces a natal chart and interprets your transits. $195   Sample

Io Relationship: Produces a natal chart. Is actually 3 report writers in one; 1) synastry report,  2) a composite relationship report, and the 3) Davison Relationship style of relationship report.   $195 (total - includes all 3!)

Io Body & Soul: Produces a natal chart. It is medical interpreter that offers natural remedies, personal gemstones, flowers, foods, aromas, and colors, and possible ailments according to natal planetary configurations.   $195    Sample

Io Child: World renowned author and astrologer, Gloria Star, has written this insight look into children;s emotions, development and potential.  $195    Sample

Io Atlas: Works seemlessly with all Io series programs.There are over 250,000 locations in the U.S. and world including latitudes and longitude with time zone information.  $195

Io Ephemeris: Produces the calendar of the planets. $79

PennDragon Fonts: Adds a dozen sets of astrological font choices to your prinouts.  $59

Runes Fonts: Eight sets of Runes fonts.   $39

Famous Charts Collection: Collection contains over 3,000 famous people. $79

Upgrade: Previous registered users can upgrade their older Io programs to the newest version available.  $79


Screen Views from Time Cycles programs

Screen Views from Star*Sprite and Io Detective


Programs are now available on CD rom.


*Io Beginner Pak: Any program plus Io Atlas  $269 (regularly $369)

*Io Beginner Pak Plus: Any two programs plus Io Atlas  $329 (regularly $429)

*Io Pro Pak is: Io Edition, Star* Sprite, Io Detective, Io Atlas, and Io Ephemeris  $395 (regularly $495)

*Io Interpreter Pak is: Io Horoscope, Io Forecast, Io Relationship, Io Body & Soul, Io Child, Io Atlas, and PennDragon   Fonts  $495 (regularly $595)

*Io Series Value Pak is: Io Edition, Io Horoscope, Io Forecast, Io Relationship, Io Body & Soul, Io Child, Io Atlas, and   PennDragon Fonts $795 (regularly $895)


GORAVANI JYOTHISH AND PARASARA'S LIGHT have been programmed for the IBM and the Mac. You can read about them above.

Goravani Jyotish

Parashara's Light

and VIRTUAL PC are operarting systems that can work on top of System OS 8 +. Once installed onto your Mac you will see the SoftWindows or Virtual PC icon on the Desktop. After clicking it on you enter into a PC operating system such as windows Windows 95 or 98, depending which version you are using. Now you can easily install PC compatible programs on to your Macintosh! 

Soft Windows is made by Insignia Solutions. Call 1-800-876-3872 or visit their website at for more information. Virtual PC is made by Connectix. Call 800-950-5880 or visit their website at



Call or write for more information and demos: Awakenings, Inc., P.O. Box 10672, Prescott, AZ 86304-0672, 
(800) 551-3121, email: [email protected]

As a distributor of many software products Awakenings, Inc. can offer you objective comparisons and information with excellent package discounts and at the best prices!

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