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THE ASTROLOGER'S HANDBOOK by Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker: 450 pages - Excellent book for the beginner and reference book for intermediate and advanced. Topics include sun signs and planets in the signs, houses, elments and modalities, information needed to calculate a chart, aspects between planets in the chart, rising signs, dispositors of planets, exaltation of planets, and the meaning of the different aspects (conjunctions, oppositions, etc.). All the basics for delineating a natal chart is in this book. $13


THE ONLY WAY TO LEARN ASTROLOGY by Joan McEvers and Marion D. March: 200 pages - Introduces astrology and what a horoscope is. The basics on planets, signs , houses, and aspects are covered. Quizzes are in the back of the book for the student to assimilate what he has learned. This is a very good book for viewing the overall picture in order to interpret the birth chart. $15


ASTROLOGY FOR THE LIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN BY Kim Rogers-Gallagher: 230 pages - This book makes astrology easy. You get all the concepts, even about Chiron, asteroids and Fixed Stars without complication. you learn to take the birth chart apart. You learn about the houses, signs, the planets and the aspects they make with each other in the chart. Astro*Carto*Graphy and relocation astrology is discussed. Forecasting techniques including transits, progressions, and solar returns are discussed. Relationship ( synastry) is covered. $13


PLANETS IN TRANSIT by Robert Hand: 525 pages - The planets are constantly in motion and effecting us no less than the Moon effecting the tides of the oceans. Information showing the varying cycles that we experience are thoroughly covered in this book. This is a great book! All planets Sun though Pluto are covered as they traverse through the different houses of the chart making aspects with other planets and points in the natal chart. This book is a perfect balance of intellectual thought and easy intuitive understanding. $25


MODERN TRANSITS by Lois M. Rodden: 190 pages - This is another book on following the transits through ones natal chart. It does not cover information on the planets passing through the houses. It covers the planetary aspects that are created as the motion of the planets in the present effect the planets in one's natal chart. The material written is clear and straight to the point. If you want to open a book that interprets transits that informs you quickly in condensed fashion yet is tremendously descriptive this book makes a fine tool. $17


DELINEATION OF PROGRESSIONS by Sophia Mason: 300 pages - Progressions use the technique where "one day equals one year." This sense of time provides patterns in creation and allows one to experience true forecasting via such a theoretical approach. Sophia Mason's interpretations shine a clear light on the understanding of "secondary progressions"and the movement of progressed planets and points in the chart. $19


THE ONLY WAY TO LEARN ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS  by Joan McEvers and Marion D. March: 200 pages - This volume covers a step by step approach in the art of comparing one chart with another in order to evaluate compatbility in a variety of relationships. Synastry and Composite techniques are covered. $15


PLANETS IN SYNASTRY by E.W. Neville: 275 pages - Clearly defines the guidelines to understand the dynamics between two people in a relationship. Chapters include: 1)The Synastric Process, which discusses attraction, compatiblity, composite charts, and the evolving relationship. 2) Chart Elements and Their role in synastry, which discusses the meaning of ascendant and houses, planets, signs, and aspects. In the second part of the book interpretations for how one's planets fall in the other person's chart in regard to houses houses and the aspects they make are viewed. $15





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