Biorhythms show the physical, emotional and intellectual cycles in our lives. Sometimes all  three cycles are together on the up swing or down swing. When all three cycles are up life feels really good. When all three are down we can feel depressed. Most of the time the three cycles are varied in different degrees of highs and  lows in relationship to each other.

The extreme up swings and down swings occur at least twice a year. It's nice to understand our moods in relation to the major down swing periods because it can help us get a handle on what we are feeling.

Physical energy cycles complete every 23 days. Emotional cycles complete every 28 days. Intellectual cycles complete every 33 days.

Critical points are when individual cycles are switching from high periods to low and vice-versa. When going lower the effect is similar to when you are getting off the freeway and putting the breaks on so you can drive at a slower speed on a city street. When the critical period is shifting up it is the reverse. It is as though you are getting on the on ramp to the freeway and have to speed up.



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