Business Forecast for


Bill Clinton


August 19, 1946

8:51 AM

Hope, Arkansas


September 1, 2002 - December 1, 2020



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Your Business Forecast begins on the following page. If the time period for an interpretation is, for example, given as "Apr 1, 2020 (Feb 15, 2020 to May 15, 2020)", then it starts in mid-February, reaches greatest intensity around April 1, and ends in mid-May. The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength; we can call this date the "peak date". The influence starts on the beginning date, gradually increases in strength until the peak date is reached, and then it gradually fades out until the ending date is reached.


You may also notice that the same interpretation shows up periodically during the year; this is not unusual. To eliminate redundant interpretations, you may be informed that the astrological influence also occurred earlier and that you should refer back to the previous occurrence of this interpretation.


At the top right margin after the dates, the abbreviated names of the aspects and the two factors involved are given. For example, "Jup Sqr MC" means that during the given dates "transiting Jupiter" is squaring your "natal Midheaven". That is to say, the first factor that appears is always the transiting planet (present position of the planet in the zodiac), while the second component of the pair is "natal", or the position it was in the zodiac at your birth. Also, the Midheaven (MC) is the apex or beginning of the 10th house.


At the beginning of each interpretation the complete name of the aspect and the two factors involved are given in capitalized letters. As before, the first planet is in "transit" while the Midheaven is "natal". Below it, the INTENSITY of the aspect is indicated in a scale from 1 to 10. That is to say, an aspect with an influence of 1 is very weak and may not even be noticed. On the other hand, an influence of 10 is very powerful. We can consider aspects with an intensity of 8, 9 or 10 VERY STRONG, 6 or 7 STRONG, 4 or 5 AVERAGE, DECREASING at 2 or 3 and VERY WEAK at 0 or 1.


This report outlines the aspects between the transiting planets on one hand, and the apex or beginning of the 10th house in the natal chart on the other. Traditionally, besides the ten astrological planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), two points in the chart are considered very important. The first is the Ascendant or beginning of the 1st house, related to the personality and appearance of the individual. The second is the Midheaven or apex of the 10th house, connected with the materialization of goals and initiatives, as well as professional success and social recognition. The Midheaven represents the aims or goals and the desire for concrete action. Therefore, the astrological aspects that affect the Midheaven are important in choosing the right time to get involved in your business activity, commercial or professional initiative.


As a rule, it can be said that the best business transits, in order of strongest to weakest influence, is the following (a higher intensity indicates greater influence): Existence of a TRINE (strong harmonious aspect) between a planet and the Midheaven; Existence of a CONJUNCTION (neutral aspect) between a beneficial planet and the Midheaven (only Jupiter conjunct MC can be considered here); Existence of a SEXTILE (mild harmonious aspect) between a planet and the Midheaven; Existence of a CONJUNCTION (neutral aspect) between a planet (except Jupiter) and the Midheaven.


On the other hand, the most problematic business transits, in order of strongest to weakest influence, are the following: Existence of a SQUARE (strong disharmonious aspect) between a planet and the Midheaven;  Existence of an OPPOSITION (mild disharmonious aspect) between a planet and the Midheaven.


In any case, as this is not a report of determination but only orientation, the explanations of the "squares" and "oppositions" give advice and practical solutions for your energy in business. In case of harmonious aspects (trines and sextiles) suggestions are also given on how to obtain the maximum benefits of that astrological influence.


Lastly, it can be said that the "peak dates" possess the purest influence. It is recommended to make use of the harmonious peak dates, if possible. Thus, the mixture of influences is avoided in case there is more than one aspect during given days.


Tropical/Koch   NATAL CHARTCalculated for time zone 4 hours

Natal positions:

  Sun=26LE00   Moon=20TA18   Merc= 7LE36    Ven=11LI07   Mars= 6LI21

  Jup=23LI13    Sat= 2LE08    Ura=21GE09    Nep= 6LI51    Plu=11LE51

  Asc= 5LI30     MC= 5CN59



Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC

Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu

            ASPECT          ORB                 ASPECT          ORB

Conj    (  0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos   (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sqr     ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine   (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sxtil   ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sep 7, 2020      8 PM(Sep 6, 2020 to Sep 9, 2020)  Mars Sxtil MC






Business during these dates is labeled with great dynamism and capacity to struggle. Neither the owners, nor the agents, or the personnel are intimidated by unfavorable circumstances. Because of the existing assertiveness and ability to respond, difficulties are surpassed quickly and generally lead to success. These spontaneous decisions have nothing to do with lack of discipline or doing things haphazardly. To the contrary, this business is characterized by following a very clear and defined path with very specific objectives outlined beforehand. There is the ability to make decisions on the spur of the moment, but without losing sight of the reference or goal that is very clear in the forefront.


It is well known that competition is tough and that the price is dictated by the demand of the public or society. To penetrate the complex interest, trends and preferences of the public, it is essential to develop a personal stamp and a very defined line in the industrial or commercial activities or services that are being offered. This is called efficiency, going directly to the point, or simply giving practical solutions to the problems and needs of the clients. A business opened or started during these dates is going to have all of these qualities. Passiveness or a tendency to conform will never exist, and indecision has no meaning in this business.


The force of this business lies in its capacity to struggle, which never should be understood as aggressiveness, but more as competitiveness. Wanting to be a leader by your own merits and standing out from others is no sin. To the contrary, the one who takes the initiative is the one who gains. In that way the clients observe that the personnel and managers of the business are trying their best to satisfy their needs, always procuring that it will be in the most rapid and direct way possible. Many clients probably patronize this establishment because at others they find too many arrears, certain incompetence or lack of definition. On the other hand, in your company they find quick solutions and immediate service. Everyone gains when the relationship with clients is direct, exonerating, energetic, professional and very clear with respect to commitments. In this connection, it is very important that the client always understands the terms of the negotiation, that is to say, what to expect of the product or service as well as the company, including the quality, price, guarantee on parts or maintenance requirements, etc. If from the beginning the seller clearly outlines the characteristics, conditions, advantages and disadvantages of the product to the clients, mutual confidence is earned.


Simultaneously, the client always appreciates knowing that the person who is going to provide a product or service is honest, trustworthy and enthusiastic about the excellence and quality of things he/she is trying to market. Obviously, if the client observes a degree of insecurity in the seller, it is very probable that he will turn around and is gone. However, if the seller of the product in question is transmitting confidence, security and enthusiasm, there is a much better chance that a spark will emerge that will motivate the buyer to decide on the acquisition of the goods or service. The clients also appreciate fast service on items requested that are momentarily out of stock. Though it may seem strange, many times the seller may unconsciously generate problems or obstacles for himself or his client. This, however, will absolutely not occur in this business, since the owners as well as managers and the personnel have a very clear idea of what they want and how to communicate, therefore there is no dubiousness or greater complications. Your philosophy is to make everything easy so that the buyer can easily make up his mind.


Finally, one must mention as key factor of this business its ease at the time of assuming risks. That is to say, the mechanism of the entire business as formed by the owners, managers and personnel will not resent it when it becomes necessary to accelerate the pace of activity, even when attempting to initiate an expansion that involves a certain risk. To the contrary, the new goals, and putting them ahead of other objectives, turn out to be a stimulus for the group of people that participate in the project. Therefore, motivation is fundamental here. In other words, everyone on the payroll should be advanced in direct relationship to their contributions, for their effort in favor of the business and their ability to resolve the daily problems.



Sep 29, 2020     3 AM(Sep 28, 2020 to Sep 30, 2020)   Sun Sqr MC






Business or investment during these dates has certain elements against it that have to be considered and analyzed. This does not mean that it will be impossible to surpass these difficulties, since we are speaking of an "intensity" of force that is not excessively detrimental.


To begin with, one must understand that the biggest flaw in the approach to the business is a superiority complex. Because of the high expectations of the owners or founders, the professional or commercial activity probably is born with some pretensions and great exaggeration. However, its position in society will be weak and this will cost this establishment or professional activity its renown, prestige or consideration with the public. As the saying goes: "all that glitters is not gold". This means that the business in question can have too great of a facade and appearance, but for the most part, mistakes are made.


The first mistake can be over confidence. In other words, those responsible for the business have based their plan of operation and investments on goals that are too optimistic. Since insufficient provisions were made and too many things were assumed, problems will start to develop later.


Second, in dealing with clients, you may be too arrogant and inconsiderate of them. This will cause them to shy away at the time of making a decision to purchase. The same applies when your company fails to explain possible errors or to recognize the rights of the customer, even when it is the mistake of a company you deal with.


The third area of conflict is over selling, telling your present or potential clients they are getting more than they are really getting. There is a tendency to exaggerate the advantages and at the same time minimize possible or potential disadvantages of things being sold, which hurts the selling relationship and the client may not be completely satisfied. As a result, some clients buy once, but will not feel like returning. That is to say, the client will be an unsatisfied buyer that will have a negative perception of the company. This will cause prejudice in the loyalty of the clientele toward the business and toward the products, services or brands that it promotes.


The fourth possible mistake, one that can become vital, is what could be called a miscalculation of the "social factor". That is to say, it could occur that your trade or professional enterprise is not in tune with your location or the fad of the moment. It could turn out to be a business of egocentric character; that is to say, the activity has been designed, an investment plan has been achieved, and things have been made to function for the pleasure and personal satisfaction of the owners. There may be a misconception that what you like, others will like. However, this is not so and shows a real lack of research in the preferences of the potential or current market toward which you want to direct your business. Or you may want to encompass the whole market, that is to say, serve different types of people or classes of clients, which certainly is difficult. To secure the quality and appearance you seek, it would be preferable to establish a marketing approach where the policy of the business is directed to a specific sector of the population. But if you plan on covering all of the market, the personality or definition of your business probably will be so ambiguous, mixed or undefined with the marketing of your product or service that few persons will identify with it.


The perfect solution to this situation can be described with one word: creativity. Creativity can cause a business that did not bear the fruits expected to surpass the difficulties through new ideas, contributions and appropriate rectifications. Creativity, enthusiasm and originality of the proprietors or owners of the business can turn the situation from gray to more luminous. However, these decisions or rectifications should not be made too quickly, since the typical mistake of some businesses is trying one approach after another before realizing that the previous one has not worked out. This, as seen by the public, supposes an image of insecurity and of the fact that the company or its owners do not know what they want. Because of this, the decisions of change should be made very deliberate and with an adequate developing process. That is to say, seeing all the particulars of the case, submitting the ideas or the plans to test before executing them, and not to fall into new egocentric attitudes. To surpass the last mentioned, it is necessary to listen to the clients and to observe their comments as valuable and interesting keys, and to improve the perspective or the approach of the business accordingly. To know how to listen can be an essential key to rectifying and improving the situation.



Oct 24, 2020    11 PM(Oct 23, 2020 to Oct 26, 2020)  Mars Sqr MC






Business during these dates is characterized above all by impulse, initiative and excessive risk. There is a notable capacity for obstacle careers, that is to say, to confront problems and difficulties immediately, without ever doubting your own ability. You have confidence in the possibilities of your business and, generally, never become discouraged or inhibited. Your goals or objectives are very clear and, although some blunders or mistakes are made, your effort and inner energy causes you to continue in spite of certain stumbling blocks.


This business needs to learn to keep its risks in check, because if it relies too much on the ability to make spontaneous decisions, it is quite possible that an overburden or certain tension is produced in the dynamics of the business, as well as the persons that are part of it: owners, executives and underlings. It is necessary to avoid this, to stay within your limits or in a delicate balance. It would be advisable to reflect on your decisions so that the successive transactions are not done blindly. When a specific plan is itemized and calculated beforehand, the opportunities for success increase, not only concerning better results, but also with respect to squandering less energy.


If you don't follow this advice continuously, it is quite probable that in time certain difficulties are prolonged or enlarged. Because of this, you must always keep your cool and above all practice common sense. Even if at given times your activities will be frantic, it is essential to appraise the performance of your establishment so that carrying out your business can be moderated, balanced and firm. To the contrary, if you act too cloddish and foolish, it is very possible that your plans will not go as you thought. For example, the competition could be greater than you had anticipated, or the market toward which you wanted to direct your business will be much more difficult to penetrate than you had expected, or the time it took to obtain your objectives previously will be more delayed than you had anticipated. If you always go to the limit and some unforeseen element emerges that delays things, then the business can really turn bad, since in your performance plan you had not taken into account the factors called imponderable.


This business has the great advantage of having assurance and confidence in its possibilities, as well as the motivation and enthusiasm that exists in the original idea on the part of the owners and managers. The motivation and self-confidence must be shared. It is very important that a good labor rapport exists and everyone is allowed to participate in the decisions, since that is the only way that everyone understands their duty perfectly. Because of this, it is crucial that the owners or directors keep a cool head, because if you begin to lose your patience or act tense or sharply, it could cause resentment throughout your business. That is to say, those disharmonious energies will also affect your personnel. If one must face a difficult situation or if one must achieve an added effort, it is developing respect in an environment, including companionship. In that way, the people it has bearing on will be integrated parts of the whole, will feel important and notice that their efforts are being sufficiently valued. In this respect it is very important that the owners or the persons making decisions, at times of certain urgency or difficulty, outline things very well before submitting them to subordinates. It is necessary to be realistic about things and, logically, to offer a motivation in the form of incentives, especially in case an extra effort has to be made.


For the business to be successful it is important to achieve and maintain prestige based on giving practical solutions, and rapid and efficient attention to the problems and needs of the clients. This requires a direct and exonerating relationship between the sales person and client. Furthermore, the training of all staff of the business should be up-to-date, having the latest information and being able to answer any question. The key is competitiveness. Although the company may not be the absolute leader in its region, it clearly needs to underline one, two or three concrete aspects that will serve as a frame of reference for the clientele. Thus, for example, you could project the rapid completion of the work, fast delivery of the product, efficiency in maintenance or technical service, or a good previous study about the needs of the clients, for then you are able to satisfy them completely. On the other hand, an exemplary relationship between sales person and client implies that the expectations of the buyer will be realistic and at no time exaggerated. It is necessary to provide sufficient information to the client beforehand, so that he knows as much as possible at the decision of purchase.


Finally, it is necessary to promote good relationships, companionship and respect in the relationships, not only between the sales person and the client, but also among everyone that works in the company. Because of this, it is recommended that social or cultural events are organized, or seminars, including leisure activities. In that way friendship, confidence and companionship is promoted and possible tense situations in work relationships are softened. Furthermore, these can be releases for them in the daily activities of the company.



Oct 29, 2020    10 AM(Oct 28, 2020 to Oct 30, 2020) Sun Trine MC






The Sun is the symbol of the day and of light, and a business or commercial activity during this time is especially able to be developed in relation to the public. That is to say, a business born during these days will have a special magnetism for people who observe it from its beginning, since they will detect the clarity and luminosity of the establishment, where everything is put up front. One of the strong points of this business is going to be maintaining its prices, always being direct and honest, and dealing with very exclusive clients. Clients will appreciate this sincerity and, because of this, will be especially faithful. If you continue this golden rule and at all cost avoid dishonesty, unclear points, deceptive sales, or concealing certain defects of the product from the clients, then you will obtain maximal results.


One also must take into account that the Sun represents the creation, the creativity, the sublimation of energies and to a certain degree art, which makes this a very auspicious time to begin an activity or investment in one where aesthetics, force, energy and vitality of the idea will be central elements.


If you think of opening a business during these dates, above all there will be personal assurance that your products truly are the best, that they are leaders in the market and present a higher quality than average. Therefore, besides the first characteristic - sincerity of sales -  we come to the second essential key of this business: the quality and nobility of the environment. It is not necessary to adorn your business with overly expensive decorations. Take under consideration that for the client the environment of the local or the decorative elements are not as important as the quality of the purchase. To be successful with your business it is essential to be able "to support" those characteristics that the Sun in harmonious position represents. For example, choose those things that offer a greater guarantee and procure to market products of quality and recognized prestige. This is not so much a large business or one in which basically inexpensive things are prevailing. On the contrary, the most advantageous and right approach for an establishment opened during this time is to encourage distinction, confidence in the product and the best of the materials that are used.


As third fundamental element could be mentioned the dynamic force that is going to be in the life of your business. It consists of extroversion, sociableness and an impeccable image. You as well as your personnel should emphasize the need to encourage the prestige of the business. To attain this, the dealings with clients have to be confident, noble, respectful and at the same time warm. In other words, the image, presence and dignity in dealing with the clients will be fundamental, since only this will be able to generate a competent environment and selling relationship. It will be conscientious and makes your personnel aware of the importance that involves the act of purchasing or selling, which product or service it will be, or the idea that is tried. See it as an energy exchange, as a subtle commitment to the person with whom you exchange your forces and to a certain degree your will. Always let the clients be fully aware of their decision and help in a professional way to establish the right approach, application and use of their purchases. An erudite manner, expansive, well informed and optimistic in dealing with people is what allows you to reach that so essential factor called reputation. Furthermore, never hire personnel that, by apparently being less expensive, in reality may not have a real vocation or individual sense of the work they do. If they transmit discouragement, lack of conviction, insecurity and apathy, it could certainly diminish the halo of self-confidence that was considered as fundamental.


Briefly, this is a good time to begin any commercial activity where the possibility of becoming a leader exists. Not necessarily a leader in sales, but in quality, service, personal dealings and giving attention to the clientele.


For example, it is a time suited to open a business that has contact with the public, such as the government, the town hall or the like. Also, the premises have to be as visible as they can be, and if this is not possible, social contacts will be very important, since they will open doors to the business.