C A R E E R    R E P O R T
             F O R
      B O B   H O P E 
    Date of Birth:  May 29 1903
    Time of Birth:  03.35.00 PM WET
    Place of Birth:  LONDON, GB
    Awakenings, Inc.
    P.O. Box 10155
    Prescott, AZ
    To a new way of looking at your career interests! Our
purpose through this career report, is to help you clarify your
goals. Your astrologically based report contains ideas and
information which can help you choose a satisfying career and
suitable work environment.
    Effective planning begins with knowing yourself--your
interests, strengths and limitations, preferences, aspirations
and motivations. Some of these aspects of your personal
potential are touched upon in the following pages. A printed
report such as this does have certain limitations. A
face-to-face consultation is needed to include relevant factors
(such as your educational qualifications, financial resources,
work experience, and personal constraints). This report
therefore gives a broad range of possibilities.
    We suggest you use this analysis together with other avenues
of expression: discussions with professional career counselors
or school guidance specialists; visits to workplaces of interest
to you; and research in your public library. Talk with
recruiting personnel, company employees and representatives of
labor unions and/or professional associations; and gather
information about educational requirements, earnings, working
environments, employment opportunities, and the future outlook
for various careers which interest you. Doing these things will
help to establish your personal career priorities.
    We hope you enjoy using all the information contained within
this report, as well as the ideas in the accompanying Supplement.
          READ ON!
    At the present time, there are thousands of different
careers from which to choose. Although finding the "right" one
for you may seem a difficult task, we invite you to begin by
studying your own astrological birth chart and then considering
your own personal needs and interests.
    Your birth chart is really just a "photograph" of the
zodiacal positions of the Sun, Moon, and Planets in the sky when
you were born, plus the degree of the zodiac rising up over the
eastern horizon (Ascendant), and the degree of the zodiac
highest in the sky at that time, (MC / Midheaven).
    In your birth chart, the Sun, Moon, Planets, Ascendant and
MC (Midheaven) are in the following signs of the zodiac:
          The Sun is in Gemini
          The Moon is in Cancer
          Mercury is in Gemini
          Venus is in Cancer
          Mars is in Virgo
          Jupiter is in Pisces
          Saturn is in Aquarius
          Uranus is in Sagittarius
          Neptune is in Cancer
          Pluto is in Gemini
     The Ascending / Rising Sign is Libra
     The MC (Midheaven) Sign is Cancer
    While taking the "photograph" is simple, analyzing it is
time-consuming, and an art. Having the computer do a lot of the
work saves time!  It also helps with the analysis.
    To assess your chart we first take a look at the Sun, Moon,
the Planets,  and the signs of the zodiac in your chart to see
which ones are astrologically the strongest. The strongest show
us what you need to be happy, and how other people perceive you
and your strengths.
    The strongest sign(s) in your chart are:
        Gemini, Cancer and Libra.
    The strongest planet(s) in your chart are:
        The Sun, Mercury and Uranus.
    Some of the following character traits may be very unlike
some of the other traits.  People are complex beings! Depending
on your stage of life development and the situation or
environment you're in, most of the following traits should be
true of you.
    We believe your friends will describe you as:
intelligent, clever, witty, vocal, dexterous, talkative,
flexible, literate, curious, and a jack of all trades.
affable, friendly, charitable, receptive, malleable, emotional,
street-smart, worldly, but loyal.
authoritative, commanding, ambitious, dramatic, energetic,
dignified, creative, playful, and entertaining.
courteous, elegant, amiable, charming, sociable, obliging,
artistic, refined, harmony seeking, and fashionable.
unusual, rebellious, progressive, exciting, unconventional, cool
and detached, independent, and at times explosive.
    If you are a student of astrology, you will probably want to
know the relative strengths of planets, asteroids and signs in
your chart. The following graphs indicate how strong or weak
we believe each sign and planet to be. (See the next section for
further explanations).
    The SUN ............oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    The MOON .......oooooooooooooooooo
    MERCURY .......oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    VENUS .............ooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    MARS .............oooooooooooooooo
    JUPITER ..........oooooooooooooooo
    SATURN ..........oooooooooooooooo
    URANUS ...........oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    NEPTUNE ........oooooooooooooooo
    PLUTO .............oooooooooooooooo
    (CERES) ...........ooooooooooooo
    (ATHENA) ........ooooo
    (JUNO) .............ooooooooo
    (VESTA) ...........oooooooo
    (CHIRON) .........oooooooooooooo
    ARIES ...............ooo
    TAURUS ..........ooo
    GEMINI ............ooooooooooooooooooooo
    CANCER ..........ooooooooooooooooooooo
    LEO ..................oooooo
    VIRGO ..............oooooooooooo
    LIBRA ...............oooooooooooooooooo
    SCORPIO ..........ooooooooo
    SAGITTARIUS .ooooooooooooooo
    CAPRICORN ....
    AQUARIUS ......ooooooooo
    PISCES ............oooooo
    What the previous graphs will mean to you is:
    With the sign Gemini or the planet Mercury strong in your
chart, you
    - like communicating your ideas to everyone
    - are a generalist, and will have a hard time
      specializing in one particular field
    - need variety
    - are very curious and versatile
    - will probably have had five to ten different
      careers by the time you retire
    - need to check that someone is listening
      when you want to talk
    - are a born teacher
    With the sign Cancer or the Moon strong in your chart, you
    - need to feel emotionally close to your family
    - need to feel you really belong in your community
    - would REALLY like to own your own home
    - are very aware of your need for emotional security
    - need to be able to nurture or mentor people on the job
    - can be very loyal to the company you work for,
      if they are loyal to you
    - are conventional in outlook
    With the sign Leo or the Sun strong in your chart, you
    - need to express your creativity through your work
    - enjoy a leadership role
    - are dramatic and entertaining
    - love to take risks
    - are confident of your abilities
    - are energetic and spontaneous
    - need to feel that your job is fun to do!
    - like working with children
    With the sign Libra or the planet Venus strong in
your chart, you
    - need a lot of people in your life
    - are sociable and pleasant with people
    - enjoy hosting social events, parties
      and corporate functions
    - are cooperative and diplomatic
    - enjoy seeing things done WELL!
    - need a committed relationship to be
      really happy
    With the sign Aquarius or the planet Uranus strong in your
chart, you
    - enjoy changing other peoples perspective,
      but people find it difficult to change yours
    - are progressive and a reformer by nature
    - need an unconventional career
    - like being independent and slightly
      rebellious (sometimes VERY rebellious)
    - must have a creative job that allows you to
      be inventive
    - will go for years resisting new ideas and
      then suddenly, will completely adopt
      new ways of thinking
    Some of your needs represented by planets and signs may be
in direct conflict, one with the other. This is normal, most 
everyone has at least one set of conflicting elements in his or
individual make-up. The solution seems to be to organize your
schedule so you have time to meet all needs. The more completely
you provide for your important needs, the happier you will be.
    To obtain an overview of the birth chart, an astrologer will
group the signs in various ways. One of these groups is called
the ELEMENTS. Within this group are four categories of
Elements:  Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
    The Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. If you have
planets in Fire signs it is one indication that you will be
enthusiastic and energetic.
    The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. If you
have planets in Earth signs it is an indication that you will be
practical, dependable and resourceful.
    The Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. If you have
planets in Air signs it is an indication that you will be
sociable and inquisitive.
    The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. If you
have planets in Water signs it is an indication that you will be
sensitive, emotional, and intuitive.
    By using the element analysis alone, your personality could
be described as:
 20% Fire-  Energetic, idealistic, enthusiastic, self-
       sufficient, and spontaneous.
 12% Earth-  Practical, dependable, analytical, reticent,
       organized, and resouceful.
 39% Air-  Intellectual, social, congenial, quick-witted,
       inquisitive, and objective
 29% Water-  Intuitive, receptive, attentive, emotional
       sensitive, deep and moody.
    So far we have assessed your personal birth chart in terms
of the unique distribution of your Planets, Signs and Elements.
Within our computer program, we have used many other
different assessment techniques to synthesize your results.
    The following sections of the report were developed using
these unique assessment techniques. Each section focuses on a
specific aspect of your career interests. Enjoy!
    Every career can be broken down into four basic activities.
Working with Ideas, Data, People and Things. This section of
the Report looks at what we consider to be your balance of
these activities.
    If you enjoy solving problems, debating political ideas,
creating or inventing something new, or sharing your
knowledge, we suspect a career focused on working with
IDEAS would be important for you.
    If you enjoy tracking your bank balance, reading science
books and magazines, or computing information, we suspect a
career focused on working with DATA would appeal to you.
    If meeting new neighbours, giving a stranger directions, or
spending time with your friends is important to you, we would
suggest a career focused on meeting the needs of PEOPLE
might be important.
    If driving your car, fixing things around the home, or
working with tools is highly enjoyable, we would suspect a
career focused on working with THINGS would be enjoyable.
    The numbers on the left below are percentages (out of
100%) representing our perception of your interest in each
of these four activites. If one is higher, even by a few
points, we would expect it to be your top priority.
    Our results indicate that you are interested in working with:
 26% Ideas:  solving, debating, creating, imparting
 28% Data:   synthesizing, analyzing, computing, compiling
 25% People: negotiating, instructing, serving, helping
 20% Things: creating, operating, manufacturing, handling
    Another way to clarify your career aptitudes and options is
to ask yourself whether you are traditional or unconventional in
    TRADITIONAL people enjoy keeping social and workplace
traditions and customs alive. They respect their heritage and
seek to maintain the continuity between the past and the future.
They are much happier in careers that have a tradition, a
heritage and the rules of behavior and company operations
clearly established.
    UNCONVENTIONAL people are just the opposite. They
enjoy working in companies where customs and traditions are
not followed. They enjoy exploring new ways of doing things
with unusual people. They are usually not in the mainstream of
public opinion and are usually ahead of their time.
    BOB, our results show that your personality should
reflect the following attitude:
Traditional ............ooooooooooooooo
Unconventional .....ooooooooooooooo
    If you are a predominantly LOGICAL person, you believe
all of your problems can be solved by using your mind to think
things through.
    If you are a predominantly INTUITIVE person, you will get
"hunches", sudden intuitive knowing about answers to your
dilemmas and solutions to your problems.
    We all use both intuition and logic to make decisions, but
to varying degrees. Our results indicate that your process tends
to demonstrate the following strengths:
Logical ..................oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Intuitive .................oooooooooooooooooo
    Career experts are predicting that all of us will be
changing jobs three, four, or five times in the next couple of
decades, due to technological and other changes in the work
place. In 1980, most people believed that a good education
was all you needed to prepare yourself for a life-long career.
This is no longer true. Today, with our career paths being
interrupted from time to time, and the constantly changing
nature of the work to be done, we need to be extremely
flexible and adaptable.
    In this section we will give you a sense of how much we
think you will enjoy these changes, plus how much variety or
routine we think you need on a daily basis.
    VARIETY refers to working responsibilities that are varied
and unpredictable. People with high variety scores enjoy quickly
changing work scenarios and responsibilities. They prefer
flexible work hours and generally readily adapt to shift work.
    ROUTINE refers to working responsibilities that are routine
and predictable, encompassing regular scheduling of duties, and
accountability for particular controllable functions. People
with high routine scores enjoy responsibilities and careers that
change slowly AND predictibly.
    Your need for both kinds of work are:
Variety .................ooooooooooooooooooooooo
Routine .................ooooooo
    A printed report such as this one has certain
limitations. Some relevant factors (such as your
educational qualifications, work experience, and
personal constraits), cannot be considered in the
factoring of the results.
    Because of these limitations, this career report
is intended for research or entertainment purposes
only. The author, Heron & Hawk Careers, and the
publisher assume no liability for any decisions made
based upon this career report.
   Copyright (c) 1997 Heron & Hawk Careers
    An important consideration when choosing a career is to
identify the type of work environment most conducive to the
development of your particular talents and potential. For
you may have a strong need to be SELF-EMPLOYED; so you
will look for opportunities to express your independence and
personal initiative, even if you are working for a large
Being motivated by challenges and stimulation you might
find the lack of autonomy and independence in large
organizations restrictive.
    On the other hand, job SECURITY and a regular pay cheque
may be extremely important to you. You may be happiest
working in a large, dependable, stable organization, where your
responsibilities and rewards are clearly defined. The graph
below indicates which considerations are potentially the most
significant in your working environment.
    Our results indicate that the optimum career environment for
you is:
Self Employed .....oooooooooooooooooooo
Security Oriented .oooooooooooooooooooooo
    The next three sections define how much your career choice
should emphasize the management of people, how much you
would prefer working in a supportive, service work capacity,
and how task oriented and productive you like to be.
    People who work best in a SUPPORT capacity prefer to
follow someone else's lead. They enjoy responding to the
requirements of others; and they often gain immense personal
satisfaction through satisfying the needs of their customers,
clients, patients, and co-workers. Service work is their forte.
    Your results indicate the probable strength of your
supportive orientation is:
Support Services ..ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    People who work best in a PRODUCTIVE capacity need
to see the results of their daily work. They care about meeting
schedules. Their self-esteem  can be directly related to what
they physically accomplish on a daily basis. Nothing frustrates
a productive, task-oriented person as much as other people
not keeping to agreed upon production schedules.
    Your results indicate the probable strength of your
productive orientation is:
Productive ............ooooooooooo
    MANAGERIAL people tend to be high achievers. They
enthusiastically work with and through people, attending to a
multitude of supervisory details in order to reach their goals.
If your present employer is considering you for a management
role, they may be considering some of the following questions
about you.
    First, would you enjoy a MANAGEMENT ROLE, rather
than a supportive one? Would you rather motivate people to
accomplish your own or the companies goals rather than doing
the work yourself?
    Are you ASSERTIVE, with a flair for expressing
entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial skills? (An intrapreneur is
an entrepreneur successfully working within a corporate
    In the midst of a hectic work day, do you have a continuing
sense of the "LARGER PICTURE"? Do you show good
judgement in your decision making, upon assessing a situation?
    Would you be a RESPONSIBLE dependable manager,
with the ability to utilize your time well and achieve results
within specific deadlines? Do you relish extra responsibility?
    Are you a LEADER? Can you inspire people to high
    These are only a few of the important personal qualities
associated with different theories of management. The most
effective managers seem to have most of these traits, in varying
strengths. If you have one or more of these traits strongly
indicated in the graph below, we would expect that you will
feel you have management abilities.
    Our results indicate that some of your management strengths
Management Role .oooooo
Assertive .............oooooooooooooooo
Big Picture ...........oooooooooooooooo
Responsible .........ooooooooooooooooo
Leadership ...........oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Mgmt Average ....ooooooooooooooooo
    (Average of the above 5)
    This section answers the question, "How high a profile do
you like to maintain on the "job?" You may wish to remain
almost anonymous; or be known by a relatively small group
of friends and co-workers; or pursue a high profile throughout
the entire organization and beyond.
    People who prefer a QUIET PROFILE like to remain
almost anonymous on the job. They are happy working intently
but quietly by themselves, in a self-contained work area. These
people dislike being interrupted while concentrating on the task
at hand, and usually do not need regular interactions with
co-workers in order to enjoy their work.
    On the other hand, people who enjoy an ACTIVE PROFILE
prefer a working environment which provides frequent
opportunities to interact with colleagues and co-workers. They
need a non-contained work area, to facilitate their being well
known by a small group of friendly co-workers. With good
working conditions and support from the employer, these
people are active, creative employees.
    HIGH PROFILE people enjoy recognition and influence.
They prefer a working environment which provides easy
access to their superiors, with ample attention paid to their
activities. Recognition for a job well done is a "must have" 
for them. These people need careers which involve adequate
public access, possibly encompassing an industry wide,
national, or even international perspective.
    Our results indicate that your on-the-job needs are:
  13% QUIET PROFILE: solitude, lack of interuptions,
        few people, low profile, self-contained work area.
  13% ACTIVE PROFILE: non-contained work area,
       environment encouraging creativity, loyalty and support
       from employer, contact with co-workers.
  75% HIGH PROFILE:  recognition,  frequent  contact
        with superiors, status,  influence,  travel,
        public  access.
    Your choice of career undoubtedly will be influenced by the
way you usually interact with other people. Regardless of the
role you play in relation to others at work, you probably find
one form of personal expression  - individualist, team player or
observer, most natural for you.
    If you tend to be an INDIVIDUALIST, you probably are
most comfortable working independently. Working alone allows
you to complete tasks in your own way. You may influence
others indirectly, by demonstrating the standards you expect
through your own completed work.
    If you are a TEAM PLAYER, you might prefer working
with a small group, project team, task force, committee, etc.
You probably enjoy the dynamics involved in cooperative
group activity. You contribute to the development of cohesive
groups by helping to resolve conflicts within your group, and
by facilitating group decision making.
    If you are inclined to be an OBSERVER, you may wish to
place yourself completely outside the organizational
perhaps in a career involving investigative research or the study
of human behavior. Your comments and criticisms about the
interpersonal interactions you observe can be enlightening
and instructive to others.
    The sort of interactive role which may be most comfortable
for you is: INDIVIDUALIST.
    Your satisfaction with the job and career path you choose
depends on many factors. Perhaps the most basic considerations
are working conditions, compensation, and benefits. You also
will be influenced by the amount and quality of the supervision
you receive; opportunities for achievement and advancement;
and the availability of training and development programs.
Whatever career you choose, be sure to find out what a
potential employer offers in these areas.
    Another way of finding a suitable career placement for
yourself is to consider what stage in the "life cycle" of a
business, product or service you would enjoy. Some people
enjoy being pioneers, totally involved at the beginning of a new
venture such as launching a business or promoting a new idea.
Some like gathering the necessary resources to start the
enterprise - recruiting personnel, finding materials and
equipment, and raising funds. Others prefer the action that
comes from developing a product or service from its earliest
beginnings into something useful.
    Some people like analyzing or evaluating work in progress,
with a view to finding faults and making corrections at an early
stage. Others prefer being in the position of taking an
objective overview of all work to date, developing a new sense
of what is possible for the future. Other people will enjoy
marketing or selling the finished product, service or technique.
    Others prefer to deal with "endings", concluding one phase
of development and moving the company forward to the next.
Some people are attracted to working with the human
consequences of organizational and environmental change, with
an eye to future trends and requirements.
    For you, job satisfaction can be obtained, in part, when
your career includes: 
    Being a pioneer, totally involved at the beginning of a new
venture - working on new ideas, initiating new projects, and
launching new businesses, as well as motivating people to
participate with you in all/some of the above. You enjoy working
at the "leading edge" of your field. If your company's specialty
becomes yesterday's news you will probably be tempted to move
"where the action is".
    Common THEMES tend to be repeated throughout a
person's working life, indicating a high interest in certain
areas. You tend to be attracted to careers which embody the
following themes: 
    Careers providing opportunities to broaden your mental and
physical horizons. You seek meaningful work which allows you to
explore different concepts, ideas, cultures, the planet and
    Careers enabling you to physically explore far horizons
might lead  you  to  transportation, aerospace, international
commerce, importing and exporting, or tourism.
    Careers encompassing broader concepts and ideas might
include religious studies, languages, publishing, philosophy,
political science, or education.
    In previous sections of this report, you have seen general
indications of your probable work-related needs and interests.
In this section you will find ideas and suggestions about the
career fields and jobs which you might find most interesting and
    BOB, each career field has been analyzed
astrologically specifically for you, and displayed in the form
of a number. Those with the highest number of points tend to be
the career fields you are most likely to enjoy. Those with the
least points are probably the career categories to which you feel
least attracted.
    Should you wish to obtain more information about specific
occupations within any of these fields, the best place to start
your local library. Large libraries generally have booklets and
career material available, describing the careers listed here.
    As you study the following alphabetical list of career
you may feel drawn to several of the highlighted career fields
and/or specific occupations within the field. It is possible (and
desirable) to combine more than one potentially satisfying
area into one career choice. For example, if SALES and
TECHNICIAN both show high rankings, a career as sales
representative of an equipment manufacturer might be considered.
    Examples of other groupings of high-ranking career fields
and occupations might be: School Principal (MANAGEMENT
and EDUCATION), or a Construction Company Owner
 "SELF-EMPLOYED" score).
    To start studying and using this section, first look at the
alphabetically listed career fields. If a field score is high,
look for the highest scoring occupations within the field. These
occupations would be ones to investigate further. If the career
field is low, but an occupation within it high, we would expect
you to have mixed feelings about it as a top choice. 
    BOB, our results show that your interests by field
are as follows:
     57  Accountant
     68  Administrative Services Manager
     68  Administrator (Arts)
     65  Administrator (Financial Services)
     44  Administrator (Government Policy)
     65  Administrator (Human Resources)
     55  Administrator (Regulatory)
     55  Administrator (Sciences)
     66  Administrator (Telecommunications)
     51  Auditor
     61  Producer (Performing Arts)
     69  BANKING
     69  Banker
     62  Credit Officer
     78  Teller
     53  BUSINESS
     73  Business Services
     53  Consultant
     70  Entrepreneur
     63  Investment Counselor
     70  Manufacturer
     54  Marketing Specialist
     68  Mechandising Specialist
     68  Retailer
     92  CLERICAL
     90  Bookkeeper
     92  Clerk
     92  Library Technical Assistant
     92  Word Processing Clerk
     76  Advertising Copywriter
     92  Announcer / Broadcaster
     92  Editor
     92  Interpreter
     73  Journalist
     88  Public Relations Specialist
     92  News Reporter
     74  Script Writer
     92  Translator
     76  Writer
     92  COMPUTERS
     89  Computer Hardware Specialist
     91  Computer Programmer
     81  Computer Systems Analyst
     82  Information Systems Consultant
     89  Webmaster / Internet Specialist
     59  Bricklayer / Stonemason
     59  Carpenter
     69  Carpet Installer
     70  Electrician
     64  Heavy Equipment Operator
     61  Painter / Paperhanger
     61  Plasterer
     70  Plumber / Pipefitter
     59  Roofer
     72  Sheet Metal Worker
     66  Structural & Reinforcing Metal Worker
     72  Tilesetter
     70  DESIGN ARTS
     59  Architect (Commercial)
     63  Architect (Residential)
     66  Commercial Artist
     64  Computer Assisted Designer
     63  Floral Designer
     64  Industrial Designer
     66  Theatre, Fashion or Exhibit Designer
     56  Urban Planner
     94  EDUCATION
     81  Education Policy Researcher or Consultant
     94  Teacher (Community College)
     94  Teacher (Elementary & Secondary School)
     94  Teacher of a Second Language
     94  Teacher / Preschool (Early Childhood Education)
     92  Professor / University
     86  Engineer (Aerospace)
     70  Engineer (Chemical)
     70  Engineer (Civil)
     86  Engineer (Electrical & Electronics)
     78  Engineer (Industrial)
     89  Engineer (Mechanical)
     86  Engineer (Metallurgical & Materials)
     70  Engineer (Mining)
     70  Engineer (Petroleum)
     92  HEALTH CARE
     92  Audiologist
     73  Chiropodist
     81  Dental Assistant
     76  Dental Hygenist
     73  Dental Lab Technician
     73  Dentist
     92  Dietician
     88  Dispensing Optician
     92  Nutritionist
     92  Optometrist
     76  Acupuncturist
     81  Chiropractor
     81  Herbalist
     61  Homeopath
     81  Massage Therapist
     81  Naturopath
     81  Reflexologist
     54  INSURANCE
     73  Actuary
     73  Claims Adjuster
     54  Claims Examiner
     54  Underwriter
     54  LAW
     54  Judge
     54  Lawyer
     64  Legal Assistant
     55  MACHINING
     63  Die Maker
     53  Machine Tool Operator
     53  Milling Machine Operator
     59  Tool Maker
     64  Welder
     54  MEDICINE
     54  Physician
     54  Podiatrist
     70  Psychiatrist
     54  Veterinarian
     86  Lab Technician
     89  Electroencephalographic Technician
     86  Emergency Medical Technician
     78  Nurse
     78  Medical Records Technician
     86  Radiologic Technologist
     70  Surgical Technician
     54  Military Officer
     57  Blaster
     46  Derrick Worker
     46  Driller (Offshore Drilling Rig)
     57  Driller (Underground Mining)
     51  Roustabout
     52  Astrologer
     53  Metaphysician
     61  Personal Growth Facilitator
     73  Actor
     92  Dancer
     91  Director
     88  Musician
     71  Production Assistant
     80  Production Technician
     68  Occupational Therapist
     55  Physiotherapist
     68  Recreational Therapist
     68  Respiratory Therapist
     68  Speech Pathologist
     60  POLITICS
     73  Automotive Assembler
     71  Electrical Accessories Assembler
     70  Dressmaker
     73  Jeweller
     63  Pipefitter
     73  Tailor
     65  Aircraft Engine Tester
     59  Auto Mechanic
     70  Chemical Process Equipment Mechanic
     70  Electronic Equipment Repairer
     70  Computer Repairer
     59  Small Engine Mechanic
     55  Firefighter
     55  Guard
     68  Police Officer
     68  Health Inspector (Environmental or Food)
     55  Safety Inspector (Const. or Engineering)
     92  SALES
     92  Auctioneer
     88  Insurance Broker
     92  Manufacturer's Salesperson
     73  Real Estate Sales (Commercial)
     92  Real Estate Sales (Residential)
     92  Securities & Financial Services Sales
     92  Wholesale Trade Salesperson
     73  SCIENCES (LIFE)
     67  Agricultural Scientist
     83  Biological Scientist
     73  Forester / Conservation Scientist
     70  Astronomer
     70  Chemist
     89  Food Scientist
     70  Geologist
     57  Mathematician
     85  Meteorologist
     86  Physicist
     92  SERVICES
     88  Beauty Care Specialist
     92  Chef
     92  Child Care Worker
     92  Cosmetologist (Hair Stylist)
     92  Food Services Worker
     76  Gardener
     92  Mail Carrier / Postal Worker
     92  Telephone Operator
     78  Career Counselor
     90  Psychologist
     79  Religious Counselor (Minister, Priest)
     80  Social Change Advocate
     80  Social Worker
     80  Therapist
     65  Anthropologist
     65  Historian
     65  Librarian
     60  Political Scientist
     72  Sociologist
     72  Social Policy Researcher / Consultant
     92  Athlete
     82  Athletic Trainer
     92  Coach
     92  Fitness Instructor
     90  Audio-Video Recording Technician
     92  Broadcasting Technician
     89  Electrical & Electronics Technician
     91  Engineering Technician
     92  Food Processing Technician
     88  Graphic Arts Technician
     73  Science Technologist
     74  Surveyor
     92  Television Production Technician
     73  Air Traffic Controller
     92  Driver (Bus, Taxi or Truck)
     81  Navigator
     73  Pilot
     94  Travel Agent
     83  VISUAL ARTS
     88  Artist (Fine)
     88  Artist (Graphic)
     83  Artist (Handicrafts)
     88  Camera Operator (Film or Video)
     68  Desktop Publishing Computer Specialist
     70  Photographer
    To complete the Career Report, a summary of all the career
fields is supplied for you.
Administrative ......ooooooooooooooooo
Banking .................ooooooooooooooooooooo
Business ................oooooooooooooooo
Clerical .................oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Communication ......oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Computers .............oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Construction Trades.oooooooooooooooooooooo
Design Arts ...........ooooooooooooooooooooo
Education ..............oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Engineering ...........oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Health Care ..........oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Holistic Health .....ooooooooooooooooooooo
Insurance .............ooooooooooooooooo
Law ......................ooooooooooooooooo
Machining ............ooooooooooooooooo
Medicine ..............ooooooooooooooooo
Medical Technician .oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Military ................ooooooooooooooooo
Mining ..................ooooooooooooooo
New Age ..............oooooooooooooooo
Performing Arts ....oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Physical Therapy ..oooooooooooooooooooooo
Politics ................oooooooooooooooooo
Product Fabricating.ooooooooooooooooooooooo
Product Repairs ....oooooooooooooooooooooo
Protective Services.oooooooooooooooooooooo
Sales ....................oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Sciences (Life) ....oooooooooooooooooooooo
Sciences (Physical).oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Services ...............oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Social Services ....oooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Social Sciences ....oooooooooooooooooo
Sports/Recreation .oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Technician ...........oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Transportation .....oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Travel/Tourism ...oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Visual Arts ..........ooooooooooooooooooooooooo
   Copyright (c) 1997 Heron & Hawk Careers
    We hope that what you have read so far has given you some
new ideas about possible career directions, as well as leading
you to a better understanding of your career needs and career
    For most people, choosing a career is a demanding, and
time-consuming task. For some people it can also be a
frustrating one, if all the information you have gathered about
your own interests has not led you to a clear career choice.
Because of that possibility, we have included a Supplement with
the Report to help you clarify your options. From the letters
we've received, we know how much the supplement can help.
Please try It!
    Good luck and best wishes for much success and happiness
in your chosen career.
                          Awakenings, Inc.  
    This supplement gives you the opportunity to review and
summarize the information contained in your Report.
    Please think of this as a NEEDS QUIZ. In other words, what
do you NEED TO HAVE at work to be happy on the job?
    People have mentioned dozens and dozens of different needs.
They include; to work with people, be self-employed, or have a
lot of independence,  work for a company with great perks,
make good pay, be challenged every day, and knowing the
work made a difference in someones life. Work that is really
creative. Having a good boss who listens.
    It may sound like a wish list, but you will find that when
your career meets all or close to all of your needs, you will
look forward to going to work every day. So please complete
the quiz for yourself. It works. If you cannot think of 10 needs,
think of a job you have disliked and could not wait to leave.
The opposite aspect of work you dislike, is a newly discovered
NEED. Perhaps it was a job where you never learned anything
new. You may have discovered you enjoy learning new skills
on the job. The NEED: to continually learn on the job.
A. My 10 strongest career needs are:
    Now please review your results in the last section of
your Report, Career Fields and write down the fields and
occupations you are interested in.
    Here you can narrow your search by sorting out which
CAREERS form the best match with the strongest career
NEEDS you have.
    Before you fill in your own Summary page, we have included
a completed summary page, with commentary as an example for
    At the present time, this person is employed as a features
writer for a local newspaper. Seeking a new career, this person
selected Business and Communications from the report to
investigate. After considering these two fields, this person
picked Retailing, and Television News as specific occupations
to consider. Writer, the present career, was listed also.
    After listing the three careers in the heading and writing
in the career needs on the left, this person began to assess the
degree of fit between each occupation and his/her career needs.
    In the process of deciding which careers should be marked
YES, to indicate the career meets the need, this person thought:
"Television would give me a high profile if I worked on camera;
but with a strong need to be self-employed, perhaps station or
organization constraints would be frustrating. Retailing would
satisfy the need to own my own business. Also retailing would
mean being self-employed in a support services role, and
working with a team (staff) on the job. Once established, my
business would give me a higher profile in my community. 
SUMMARY page:             Possible Careers:
MY NEEDS ARE         Writer       TV News    Retail
1. Work with people:        yes             yes            yes 
2. Allow independence:     yes              -              yes
3. Work in services:          yes             yes            yes
4. A high profile:                 -               yes          
5. Teach on the job:           yes            yes            yes
6.  Be self-employed:           -               -             
7. Team work focus:            -              yes            yes
Totals:                                 4                5       
    From the total for each career in the example above, it
appears RETAILING affords the best match to meet the
NEEDS of this particular person. By reviewing your own
Report, listing your own NEEDS and filling in the Summary
Sheet, hopefully it will be easier for you to pick a career to
consider. We hope our Careers Report has helped you on
your way to a successful future.
SUMMARY page:            Possible careers:
SUMMARY page:            Possible careers:
SUMMARY page:            Possible careers:
SUMMARY page:            Possible careers: