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  Qualities in a birth chart reveal traits and potential situations that define one's karma, life lessons and gifts. Through the ever changing effects of astrological transits you can see how planets and special points in the chart activate.  



Karma: We reap what we sow. The universe's way of keeping balance.

Transits: The movement of planets in creation in time.

Planets: Provide energies that reflect characteristics. If we look at Mars in a birth chart we are looking at the the way a person aggresses and asserts him or her self.

Points: In the birth chart special points that are not planets also provide energies that reflect characteristics,  such as the Rising Sign, Midheaven, Part of Fortune or Nodes.

Signs: Constellation signs provide characteristics adding to the nature of planets and special points. It's like mixing two colors together. Let's say aggressive Mars is in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius can be very independent. So the trait to look at in this example is is one of independent aggression. If Mars was in Pisces the trait of aggression would become more surrendering because of the nature of Pisces.

Houses: The birth chart is divided by 12 houses, each reflecting a different area of life.  If aggressive Mars is in Aquarius in the 10th house of career matters, this independent aggression will be applied well in career situations.  The development of each house is similar to the seasons in how winter becomes spring, then summer and then fall.  The first house is the beginning, the birth house, the house of "I am." This house then unfolds into the other eleven houses.

Aspects: Planets and special points are in relationship to each other within the birth chart, transits and the people we meet. There are 360 degrees in a circle. Two planets or points having the aspect of OPPOSITION in the circle are 180 degrees apart. This causes a see saw like relationship between the characterists of the two points or planets involved.

Jupiter: "Cosmic credits."  Wisdom.  Provides the characteristics of on's larger sense of God, life and the world.

Saturn: Lessons. The grounding facts of life.

South and North Nodes: If you look at the evening sky you will notice the Moon appears in a different location throughout the night. The south node is the most southern point in the Moon's path. The North Node is the most northern point in the Moon's path.  The South Node in the birth chart reflects what knowledge, skills and habits we have come into this life with. The North Node shows us the direction where we are learning, growing and becoming.

Retrogrades: From the perspective of the earth periodically planets appear they are moving backwards. In astrology this represents an internalization or a digesting period. It is not a time for new beginnings. In past life and karmic astrology it represents reviewing and picking up where you left off.

12th House: This is the house of spirituality and meditation. By going against our higher nature this house can also feel like a house of confinement.


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