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AWAKENINGS, INC. IS RETIRED. It's been a long run since September 1991 mail order and then changing to online in 1998. I am keeping a few sites open for previous customers. Payments are through PayPal or check. Submit the order form as usual and I will write back the correct total with a direct link to PayPal and the address to mail a check.

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Cayce Past Life: 18 pages - The techniques to create this report is based on the study of birth charts of individuals who had psychic readings done by the great psychic Edgar Cayce. These birth charts, in correlation with information from their individual readings show similar astrological patterns whenever their respective past lives were lived during similar eras, in similar cultures, or had similar life styles. For instance a past life aspect in a birth chart with Saturn squaring Uranus can mean you have lived an Atlantean past life. This report delineates the birth chart in regard to a more esoteric meaning along with life lessons.
   $8       Sample

Karmic Past Life: 10 pages - Studies your birth chart in terms of certain astrological academics involving Jupiter (cosmic credits), Saturn (lessons), Pluto (rebirth and transformation), retrograde planets (internalized energies and to finish up responsibilities from your past lives), the North Node (where you are evolving to), and the twelfth house (characteristics of your inner self). Life lessons are discussed.

Karmic Insight: 12 pages - Esoteric interpretation of your birth chart. Valuable insight. Provides a real sense of what your life is really about in terms of a bigger picture. Discusses the reality of Karma.
$10    $   Sample 

World Peace Report: 12 pages - This report doesn't reach the subtleties that Karmic Insight does, but it shows you who you are in the more idealistic sense. World Peace lets you look at the good in you vs. the not so good and to see yourself in a new promising and optimistic way. It can answer how you can put your spiritual traits to action. You can understand how the world views you as you achieve your spiritual goals.  $10    $8     Sample 

Your Spiritual Path: 20 pages - Spiritual psychological reading clarifying the development of our belief systems, communication skills, identification with our path in the bigger sense and how we express these traits in the world.
 $10    $8       Sample 

Past Lives Report: 25 pagesNEW TECHNIQUE: The houses are being counted in a backward or retrograde direction in this past lives chart. Retrograde planets (planets appearing to go backwards in relationship to the earth at the time of birth) and the Moon's Lunar Nodes which are normally retrograde have a natural rhythm with this past lives chart technique. Interesting patterns explored provide past life revelations.
 $10    $8      Sample  

Chakra Healing Report: 12 pages - This report helps you to work with your higher nature to redirect your energies and intuition more harmonious with the more esoteric aspects to life. Chakras are vortexes of energy placed in your aura and this is the area that the Chakra Healing Report focuses on.   $10    $8    Sample  

Kindred Spirits Report: 25 pages -   This report focuses what your soul needs in  relationships plutonic and non-plutonic. If this report does it's job it will help point you to what is needed via give and take in healthy relationships harmonious to your soul and purpose in life.  $8    Sample   

The Vertex Report: 10 pages -  Sometimes people and/or incidents seem to provide a destined or other worldy influence adding to the direction of life. The Vertex shows how a larger sense of purpose and destiny works in your life. $10    $8      Sample

Earth Mandala Report: 3 pages -  This report can spark eye opening awareness. We come into this life with previous lessons learned and new ones to experience.  These few pages are filled key highlights of our truest energies.   $7   Sample


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