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PARASHARA'S LIGHT 6 (list price is $299) is easy to use with a very flexible screen layout. It is designed to do all your work on screen with a fast intuitive interface.  Parashara's Light produces high resolution charts, graphs and interpretations. Personalized yogas can be sorted and interpreted from original scriptures such as the Brihat Parasa Hora Sastra, Saravali, Garga Hora, Horas Sastra, and Raman's 300 Combinations! Personal Nakshatras and Dashas (with sub-levels Bhuktis, Antara Dashas, and Sooksmas) are interpreted.

Other features are as listed below:

Rasi, Bhava, Navamsa, and Varga charts, Tajika vargas also, 13 different Dasha systems, Northern and Southern style charts, change birth time tool, research tools, Chart Tutor (for learning academics), Ashtaga Varga (highs and lows interpreted), Sudarshan, Padas, Gulika, Dagdha, rashis, Yogi, Avayogi, Neecha banga yogas, Shad Bala, Planetary relatonships (friends, enemies), health related effects. printable ephemeris and personlized gemstones.

PL2000 adds a full American and  international atlas, a Kaksha report, which shows overviews of your best and worst days according Ashtakavarga, On-Line Help, 1000 Yogas, Calendar Printout of Transit/Dasha Report, attractive new graphics, features for wirters, and more.

Versions are available for the IBM and the Mac. Samples of printouts

Screen views from Parashara's Light

Upgrades from previous version are $90.


THE VEDIC ASTROLOGY BOOKSHELF (List price is $285) is the complete text of 16 classical Vedic Astrology texts. This program can calculate a chart and search all the Yogas (planetary combinations) that apply to one's Vedic natal chart. It produces on the average 600 to 800 text references from the classics. This is equivalent to a 40 to 50 page printout of material uniquely pertaining to you chart!

With this program you can simply type a desired word and the program will instantly display all the 16 texts where this word occurs. The same can be done with a combination of words. It is easy to picture how effortlessly you will be able to accumulate information about any aspect of Vedic Astrology through the use of The Vedic Astrology Bookshelf.

The follow are the complete texts that are in The Vedic Astrology Bookshelf: Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Jataka Parijata, Saravali, Sarvartha Chintamani, Phala Deepika, Hora Sara, Brihat Jatakam, Satya Jatakam, Sanketa Nidhi, Jaimini Sutram, Brighu Sutram, Jataka Alankara, Sri Pati Paddhati, Madhya Parashari, and Laghu Parashari. 

Screen views from Astrology Bookshelf


SHRI MUHURTA (List price is $250) finds auspicious dates and times for selected events. You do not have to be an expert at Jyotish to discover  the best dates and times for weddings, vacations, to start a business, to move etc. There are over 175  types of planned events to choose from, each  with their individual proper techniques set to establish the best combinations of date and times for such planned events.

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