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Astro*Talk   $10
Astro*Talk in Spanish  $10
Indra   $8
Solar Writer Modern   $8
Merlin  $7
Merlin in Spanish  $7
Astro Insight  $8
The Sky Within  $8
Life Path Report   $7
Alpha Imprints  $7

For Children
Sex of Child 1st child
Boy   Girl
Sex of Child 2nd child Boy  Girl

Child Report   $7
Child Report in Spanish   $7
Zodiac Child   $8
Child*Star   $10
Child Star in Spanish  $10
Kid Zone  $10

Sex of Child

Boy     Girl


Compatibility Report
Lover   $7
Friends or Business   $7

Compatibility Report in Spanish
Lover   $7
Friends or Business  $7

Heaven Sent
Lover  $7
Friends or Business   $7

Solar Writer Synastry  $8

Friends and Lovers
Lover  $8
Friends or Business   $8

Friends and Lovers in Spanish
Lover  $8
Friends or Business  $8

Psyche and Eros  $8

StarMatch and aspect list   $10

Compatibility and Conflict
Lover    $7
Friends or Business  $7

Love Honor and Cherish  $7

The Composite Report    $7

Lover  $8
Friends or Business  $8


Decoz(R) Chart Analysis $12
Decoz(R) Forecast $10
Decoz(R) Compatibility $12
Decoz(R) Compatibility Forecast $10
The Numerologist Report Writer $10
The Yearly Report Writer $10
Numerologist Relationship Report Writer $10
Lucky Numbers $7
The Diamond $7
The Name Advisor  $7
List the different names to be explored
separated by  commas


Book of Destiny Report (person 1)  $12
     Year of birthday to start report 

Book of Destiny (person 2)  $12
     Year of birthday to start report 

Destiny Life Report (person 1) 

Destiny Life Report (person 2)  $18

Love Cards  $12

Lovers   Family or Friend   Business


           Intermediate and Major Cycles

TimeLine 1 year transits  $10
TimeLine Spanish 1 year transits $10
Starlight Solutions 1 yr. transits $12
6 months $10     1 year  $15

Forecast Report (with asteroids)
6 months $10       1 year   $15

Forecast Report Spanish (no asteroids)
1 year   $10

Destiny & Decisions 1 year   $10
Future Trends 1 year  $10
Saturn's Promise (lifetime report) $10
Jupiter's Promise (lifetime report) $10
The Jupiter Report
(lifetime report) $10

1 year  $10

6 months $10     1 year $15

               Love and Business Forecasts

Love & Romance Forecast
1 year   $10

Compatibility Composite Forecast (2 people as 1)
1 year  $10

Business Forecast
1 year  $10

                       Progressed Reports

Secondary Progressed  $8
Life Progression  $8
Lunar Phase Report  (lifetime report) $12
Solar Arc Predictions  $7

                      Solar Return Reports

Solar Return    $8
Solar Return in Spanish  $8
Many Happy Returns   $8
The Birthday Report  $10
Planets in Solar Return $10
Solar Return Predictions  $12
Journey Returns  $12

Year of Solar Return (around your birthday):
1st Person
       2nd Person

Place of Solar Return
1st Person                           

 2nd Person  


             Daily Transit Forecast Reports

6 months $10  1 year $15

The Daily Forecast Report
6 months $10   1 year $15

Future Trends Lunar Report
6 months  $10   1 year   $15

Advanced Forecast Lunar Report
6 months $10   1 year   $15

(For those ordering reports only)
 Tropical Koch is standard. Write in if you prefer another system.             
Black and white birth chart $3
Color birth chart $3

Reports and charts start on the 1st of a month

Biorhythms 1st person   $10
Start Date (month and year only)

Biorhythms 2nd person  $10
Start Date (month and year only)



Relocation Information $10
List 5 cities, towns and/or small islands:

1st Person 2nd Person

Astro*Carto*Graphy Explained $20
� created by Jim Lewis
List 3 cities, towns and/or small islands: 

1st Person 2nd Person

Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps
� created by Jim Lewis  $10


Heaven Knows What  $8  
Midpoint Weighting Analysis  $8
Woman to Woman   $8
Senior Report  $7
Flower Essence and Gem 7 $8
Canine Report $7
Hidden Messages  $7
Revelation $7
Relating Potential  $8
Asteroid Report  $8
Iris Report   $8
Galactic Report   $8
Classical Astrology  $15
Astro Analysis  $10
Medicine Wheel   $7
Nature Appreciation  $7
Fixed Stars Report $7
Starlight Fixed Stars Report  $10
New Age Adult Report  $10 
1st Person Man  Woman   Gay  Lesbian
2nd Person
Man  Woman   Gay  Lesbian


Vocational Guidance  $7
Vocational Guidance
in Spanish  $7
Opportunities  $8
Career Report  $10
Journey Careers 


Cayce Past Life   $8
Karmic Past Life $7
Karmic Insight   $8
Chakra Healing Report  $8
World Peace Report  $8
Your Spiritual Path  $8
Past Lives Report $8


Naughty Natal   $7

This reports contains content intended for mature audiences. You must be 18 years of age or older to access either of these reports. 
I accept         I do not accept


Chinese Astrology Profile  $8
Chinese Western Astrology
Imperial Astrologer  $10

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