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Special package pricing bottom of page.

SALE until 5/25

TIME CYCLES RESEARCH has a full line of astrological software for the Mac called the Io Series.  They are sold individually and in specially priced packages (packages listed below).

Io Edition: Professional chart calculation program. Does all the basics and more.    $195  Sample printouts

Star*Sprite (research program): Enables total flexibility in chart calculation work. You can move the chart wheel forward and backwards in any time sequence from a second to days. This is great when working with birth rectification, electional and mundane astrology.  $195

Io Detective (research program): Enables the sorting of planetary criteria admidst charts saved in your chart files. It can filter out every chart in a database to see who has Mercury retrograde in the 4th house, or who has Venus in Aquarius, etc. The famous charts collection of 3,000 famous people are included.   $195   Screen Views of Io Detective

Io Horoscope: Produces a natal chart and includes a thorough interpretation of the planets in signs, houses and aspects.  $195 Sample

Io Forecast: Produces a natal chart and interprets your transits. $195   Sample

Io Relationship: Produces a natal chart. Is actually 3 report writers in one; 1) synastry report,  2) a composite relationship report, and the 3) Davison Relationship style of relationship report.   $195 (total - includes all 3!)

Io Body & Soul: Produces a natal chart. It is medical interpreter that offers natural remedies, personal gemstones, flowers, foods, aromas, and colors, and possible ailments according to natal planetary configurations.   $195    Sample

Io Child: World renowned author and astrologer, Gloria Star, has written this insight look into children;s emotions, development and potential.  $195    Sample

Io Atlas: Works seemlessly with all Io series programs.There are over 250,000 locations in the U.S. and world including latitudes and longitude with time zone information.  $195

Io Ephemeris: Produces the calendar of the planets. $79

PennDragon Fonts: Adds a dozen sets of astrological font choices to your prinouts.  $59

Runes Fonts: Eight sets of Runes fonts.   $39

Famous Charts Collection: Collection contains over 3,000 famous people. $79

Upgrade: Previous registered users can upgrade their older Io programs to the newest version available.  $79


Screen Views from Time Cycles programs

Screen Views from Star*Sprite and Io Detective


Programs are now available on CD rom.

SALE until 12/25              SAVE MONEY WITH SPECIALLY PRICED PACKAGES SALE until 12/25

*Io Beginner Pak: Any program plus Io Atlas  $269 (regularly $369)

*Io Beginner Pak Plus: Any two programs plus Io Atlas  $329 (regularly $429)

*Io Pro Pak is: Io Edition, Star* Sprite, Io Detective, Io Atlas, and Io Ephemeris, Io Transit Pro  $395 (regularly $495)

*Io Interpreter Pak is: Io Horoscope, Io Forecast, Io Relationship, Io Body & Soul, Io Child, Io Atlas, and PennDragon Fonts  $495 (regularly $595)

*Io Series Value Pak is: Io Edition, Star*Sprite, Io Detective, Io Ephemeris, Io Horoscope, Io Forecast, Io Relationship, Io Body & Soul, Io Child, Io Atlas, and   PennDragon Fonts $795 (regularly $895)


Home l Software Intro l Reports Mailed l Reports Emailed


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