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Relationship Report $250.00*


  • Produces outstanding numerological reports that can help couples to have stronger, more intimate relationships.
  • Uses an advanced, fully integrated approach to provide accurate, coherent and easy to read reports.
  • Uses current names in addition to birth names to generate the most thorough, comprehensive reports possible.
  • Software purchase includes the right to sell the printed reports.


Romantic relationships have always been a mystery for most people. Not only can they bring two people great joy, but at times, they can be a source of great frustration. More has been written, sung and spoken about the trials of love than probably any other subject!

Now, Relationship Report provides an easy way for you to personally apply the science of numerology to help couples better understand their intimate relations. The highly insightful reports produced by this module are full of practical suggestions for making stronger, more meaningful relationships. The reports can even help couples to better understand and communicate with each other by giving them a fresh look at the forces at work in their lives.

Whether you want to run a business, are a professional numerologist or just want to learn more about your romantic partnerships, Relationship Report will prove to be indispensable. Businesses and professionals will find the printed reports an ideal way to increase their income. And all users can increase the understanding of their most important relationships, bringing more harmony and fulfillment into their lives.


Every report covers 12 in-depth topics, each of which is divided into three sections—one for each of the two individuals and another for the two of them as a couple.

In addition, there is a special section that shows the influences of the current year and how this affects both people—as individuals and as a couple. This section shows what each person needs and how each can be most supportive of the other throughout the year.


The Relationship Report module produces the most penetrating and well written computerized interpretations to be found anywhere today for romantic relations. A sophisticated approach is used to look at complete numerology charts for two people. The program scans both charts, just as a professional numerologist would, looking for energies that either enhance, support or reduce desired traits that are the basis for each of the twelve topics covered in the report. The resulting text describes the two individuals as well as their relationship together in great detail.

Moreover, each Relationship Report uses the current names as well as the birth names. This is very important for a comprehensive relationship reading since the name used today often adds new and important energies that reflect changes made in a person’s life. This is especially true for women who change their name when they get married.


The Relationship Report was developed by Matthew Oliver Goodwin, the highly respected numerologist and author of, Numerology: The Complete Guide and 1991 The Original Numerology Annual. Goodwin completed fifteen years of research while giving thousands of personal readings before developing an integrated approach to numerology that was ideal for computerization. In fact, Goodwin developed many specialized techniques—which have never been published—just for the Relationship Report.


The Relationship Report module prints a comprehensive report in just minutes. Reports run 14 – 18 pages and include a summary chart of all the numbers used. You can even add 6 lines for your name and address to each cover page to make the reports look like your own. Other options let you determine whether to treat Y’s and W’s as vowels or consonants, either automatically or manually. In addition, data for up to 20 people can be entered at one time, producing up to 10 Relationship Reports. The resulting reports can then be displayed to the screen (each report in its own window), to any printer connected to your system or to individual files that can then be emailed to a client or friend, or edited using your favorite word processor. The program will even automatically capitalize the first letter of each name, if you so choose. And special support for foreign languages that use double character letters, such as Spanish, is included.

* Discounts: Buy any 2 report modules from Professional Numerologist and pay $225.00 each. Buy all 3 report modules and pay $195.00 each. Discounts apply to all purchases made within 60 days of each other


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