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      Essentially we are looking for true happiness. Happiness can mean different things to different people. For some it is finding a relationship or landing a secure job. There are those who are searching for enlightenment. Maybe we would like to know if we are really in the right place doing what we really should be doing. The bottom line is nothing in life is static. Astrology can be one of the "tools" that can work for you.                                                     
DO YOU NEED AN ACCURATE BIRTHTIME?       We provide personalized astrological reports based on your birthday, birthplace, and birth time. If you do not have a birth time (click here to understand more clearly how the birth time effects the birth chart) we can still run many of the reports for you. When mailed all reports are beautifully printed and book bound with charts included. A variety of reports include interpretations of the adult natal (birth) chart, children's natal, relationships, transits and progressions (life cycles), career overview, relocation, karmic/past life, Vedic, biorhythms, and numerology.                          
HOW REALISTIC ARE COMPUTER GENERATED REPORTS?         From time to time it is implied that computerized reports can't possibly be of value. They are regarded as impersonal and lack the human touch. If you are able to meet with an astrologer who is clear and sensitive they will obviously offer you the human contact in discussing your issues. One must also consider the thousands of hours it takes for one software program to be created. There is a lot of care that goes into the mechanics of a program and human expertise in the writing of the many text files that come into play when your personal birth information calls them up to create the report. No person can cover all the extremities of the birth chart so extensively and economically as can a computer personalized report.   


      DEFINITION OF AWAKENING: the act of rousing from sleep or inactivity; specifically, a revival of religion, impulses, etc. DEFINITIONS OF AWAKE: to awake dormant faculties; to stir into life and energy; to wake up;
Syn.-arouse, excite, provoke, stimulate, incite, animate

*definitions taken fromWebsters's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary deluxe 2nd edition      


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